Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, April 10, 2008


As you may be aware, I'll be leaving on vacation to the Empire State. I know, what's that got to do with Wachovia. Well, I had previously told you that I received my Fed and State refunds several weeks back. I have purposefully been sitting on the checks because I really want to spend them in a less than prudent manner. I deposited them today. I suppose as comfort money just in case Murphy's Law decides to rest on my left shoulder on the road trip up and back. My dad used to tell me Murphy was my best friend. Still is, to tell the truth. But I'm more oblivious to his mischief now that I'm a tad bit older.
The point of this blog has to do with the teller. Gosh she was in a good mood. Quite possibly the friendliest bank teller I have ever run across. "Oooooh! tax refund - nice." And she proceeded to yammer about it being that time of year. She was happy to see that I had filed early. Then the questions started:
  • Are you a homeowner? I can tell you are.
  • What are you going to spend the money on?
  • Are you going to buy something for the house?
  • Do you need a home equity loan?
  • I noticed you don't have a savings account with us, would you like to deposit this money into one? I can tell you...
  • Are you going to spend it all in one place?
  • Do you have several items you're going to purchase?
  • Well, I think you should buy your girlfriend something nice... *ummm*
I tried to answer her questions in a polite 'none of your business' manner. I tried to smile and giggle at her questions as if they were funny. I tried to change the topic. I even tried to nicely move things along. I have to tell you - as I have gotten older, Murphy doesn't really throw obstacles in my path that aren't surmountable. No, he finds my weak spot and pokes. Oddly that's something I'm rather good at too. Exceptionally good, I suspect.
I finally had to tell her, "Lady, I'm on my lunch break. I know you're trying to be nice and all, but please shut up and deposit my checks so I can move along." I noticed the teller next to her gasp and smirk. I love you Murphy. Oh dear, I am going to hell.


Kelly said...

I love it when I deposit stuff with them and looking at our deposit slip they assume that I am jeff... i just ignore it and go about my way.... i have even have them call me by his last name after looking at my drivers license... idiots

JJ said...

yes, yes do buy your girlfriend something nice. *smirk* Ahh the beauty of direct deposit... never ever having to talk to a teller if I don't want to.