Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here he comes to save the day,
in blackest night or brightest day.
In evil’s sight, there’s wrong to right.
Beware this Lantern’s power light,
‘cause Mighty Mouse is here to fight.

One year ago today this blog joined with you. This is now my 303rd post. Jadielady probably didn't know what she was doing, suggesting that I join this fun club. It's been interesting watching things progress and make some friends along they way. Here's a bit of google analytic stats of the year in review. It's not all inclusive but does warrant some shout outs. Here's to more fun along the way and thank you for stopping by my little part of the net:

Visits: 8,091 Pageviews: 10,704
High Day: 100 visitors on June 11, 2008 (funny I didn’t even post that day)

Referring blogs
1,036 blogger.com
375 kellystern.net
346 Sportsnutindallas.blogspot.com
242 rvablogs.com
171 dogpile.com
121 earth2karen.blogspot.com
111 cawfeeboy.blogspot.com
78 ravelry.com
53 idleeyesandadormy.blogspot.com
52 jadieladythoughts.blogspot.com
39 bobmitchellinthe21stcentury.wordpress.com
36 tomrimington.blogspot.com
28 idiotboy.net
28 indigo-orion.livejournal.com
23 abowman.com
23 cnn.com
12 aussielicious.com.au
9 flibbertigibbet.mu.nu
7 caryvaughn.wordpress.com
4 rvamag.com
2 enblog-gh.blogspot.com
2 thelewisshow.com

Most visited posts
Jason Lezak and American Family Fitness

Countries that frequent me:
6,223 United States 291 Canada 289 United Kingdom
162 Germany 144 Australia

I've enjoyed being a dork and showing my cynical side. I often don't have the same thought pattern as many of you out there with my odd points of view on life. And then I have shared some personal issues this past year that are so very much human. I try to throw in some light hearted stuff hoping that you will enjoy and come back. In the end, I just putting out there, what is moving me at the moment. Comment as you will or not at all. I hope you enjoy the reading.


Kelly said...

happy one year!!! hope to see many more

Jadielady said...

Happy Blogaversary!!! I'm also impressed that you have more posts than I do!
Atizat. What lazy people say instead of "What is that"

Anonymous said...

Oh well done, nice one, great landmark to hit! Kepp it up!

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Thomas! So glad you leaped into the blogging world!

Relitia = Slang for "I've got a problem with (insert whatever here)." I've got a relitia.

Michael said...

Happy First Anniversary! I'm site meter dumb...how do I refer people? Is it something I have to do, or does it register when people leave my site for yours?

The CO readers don't know what they're missing out on!

Anonymous said...


I love my MMGL!!!!!

dinfe - the sound iron makes when it hits the ground.... get it?

Nancy said...

Here by way of CAPTAIN OBVIOUS ... so kwitcherbitchin' *wink*