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Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Aftermath

Green Lantern and Money should go hand in hand.

Jasmine (I thing that's her name) needs a thicker skin.

I'm certain that my anger towards the Wachovia situation is well understood. I was not abusive on the phone to any of the representatives I spoke with. I was even told by some colleagues around me that, given the situation, I was more than pleasant. Now, at one point Jasmine was yanking my chain. I made it clear that I did not want to receive help from her, no offense, but that I only wanted to talk to ONE individual and I gave her his name. The name of the very person spoke with when the issue first started. Not being one to take no for an answer, and trust me, she understood clearly that I was not releasing information to her. She continued to ask me questions. I told her that I was through answering Wachovia Questions and Wachovia was going to answer mine.

Backtrack a bit

At lunch I went to my local Wachovia Branch and spoke with a gentleman that got to listen to about 20 minutes of my pissed-off'ed-ness, nicely put; and not being able to say anything because I was on a roll. I started by giving him my driver's license and bank card and told him to verify me. And then I asked him what truck he tried to purchase within the last 5 years. It seems that he was not aware of Regulation E (though it exists). End result, he helped me as much as he could and noted my policy and verified me and noted my policy further. I can only trust that he will convey my frustration upward, and also share my dissatisfaction with their Fraud Department security verification procedures. I'll get to that in a minute.

It seems that the 'supervisor' I spoke with yesterday did not put any hold/restrictions on my card; but she was a smart bitch and tweaked my nipple enough to piss me off, which in turn only spread the joy that is ME, amongst her peers. My money was always available. I seems that the Customer Service Center uses standard security questions (SSN, DOB, Address, Zip code, yadda yadda). But when a purchase is coded a potential fraud, it can trigger a requirement for additional questions associated to your social security number, and not your credit report as the first lovely supervisor told me. Either way, I'm not jiggy with the questions:

What truck did I try to purchase in the past 5 years - Answer is, I didn't
What relation to me is (Name) - answer is, Sister
What relation to me is (Name) - answer is, Mother
There was another question, but I forget what it was.

I understood the purpose of the question. But I found it offensive, invasive, and harassing to asking me questions that did not pertain to my business relationship with Wachovia. I would prefer a question like, "You write a monthly check for $302.62. To which company is that check written?" See how that question does not invade on purchase habits that do not relate Wachovia. See how that question does not interfere in my personal family life? Well, Wachovia is getting a complaint letter from me. oooooh scarey I know, but still, they need to hear my rant.

Well, back to Miss Over-Sensitive who was asking me too many questions that I was not about to answer. She was instant messaging the dude I needed to chat with. 10 minutes of her chatting with him, she finally tells me that she's not sure she will transfer the call because I would not respond to her questions. So I told her she was really pissing me off and to please let me talk to the person I asked for, that is apparently available. She proceeded to chastise me for using offensive language. Ummmm hello, if she had taken any of the 15 minutes we had been on the phone to read the trail of notes in my account, she would have realized why I was calling. Seriously, "pissing" was so terribly offensive to her that she felt negatively impacted. She needs a thicker skin if she's going to do that job. Or she needs to not use that ploy anymore cause she got called on it. But she did get the last laugh because she hung up on me. bitch, yes she did.

Dude kindly called me back within 5 minutes.

Research on his part revealed something he did not know. A fraud alert in their systems can be rescinded, but needs 24 hours to cycle; don't try to re-submit the purchase. subsequent repurchases within the 24 hour rescission window, extends the window an additional 24 hours for each violation. AH, that's why it keeps declining the purchase.

**I have elected not to proceed with that purchase**
**and I'm also considering other actions.**
Thank you Dude.
Go to Hell Dudette, Bitch Supervisor #1, and Double-Bitch Supervisor #2, and thank you Mr. Local Wachovia Branch guy.


Jadielady said...

Hooray for DUDE! May I suggest you look into getting a paypal account?

JJ said...

Paypal rocks the planet. Blogging is good!

crotr- that annoying person next to you who goes on and on endlessly about a great deal they got, telling everyone who works/walks by, bleating incessantly.

Michael said...

LOL...remind me not to piss you off! And I'm thankful I don't do any personal business with Wachovia.

McTagh said...

Yes, Thomas...set up a Paypal account for your internet purchases. I've been using PayPal now for about 5 years and have NEVER had a problem purchasing anything online.

Other than that, I am sorry you had to deal with all of that.

And, And, Welcome Back.

Anonymous said...

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