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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, June 30, 2008


Check out this YouTube link about the Telectroscope

I enjoy the connection to the Internet by good old fashioned dial-up. So uploading this video would take me too long. But my friend George of New York, sent me an email about this wondrous creation several months back. I am just now getting around to rediscovering it. And in my great procrastination (Hello Karen!) I have missed telling you about it before it has gone the way of the dodo bird. Your last chance to view through it was on June 15, 2008. It was a visual connection from Brooklyn, NY to London via Fiber Optic cables. You could have real-time waved at our brothers and sisters across the pond. But alas, I let you miss it. Well you should have read the CNN article in a timely matter your own durn selves.

See also: http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/05/22/scope.project/index.html

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Declan: Pre-empted

Writer's Block
I don't really have writer's block. I'm just not quite organized enough from being out of town and require more time to regroup.
Declan will return next week.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

Kelly Stern via earth2karen have shared their "5 things" about themselves. I thought I might do the same. Consider yourself tagged to do it as well. Thanks for visiting!
5 Jobs that I have had:
  • Paperboy - 8 durn years, what was I thinking?
  • Painter - or Superior Latex Application Engineer
  • Friendly's Restaurant Ice Cream server - how much can I fit in there?
  • Residence Hall Director - Women can be sooooo nasty! Men are just slobs
  • Sr. Annuity Specialist - I'm the man!
5 Movies I can watch over and over again:
  • The Year Without a Santa Clause - Heat and Snow Meiser crack me up.
  • The Color Purple - "I think it pisses god off when you pass the color purple and don't notice it."
  • Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang - I just love the car, okay the song too.
  • Star Wars - pick one.
  • E.T. - My mother still won't see that movie because she thinks the alien is ugly.
5 Places that I have lived:
  • Saratoga Springs, NY - born and raised.
  • Greenwood, SC - semi- raised, but mom didn't like the bugs so we moved back to NY.
  • Endicott, NY - home of the hush puppy shoes.
  • Carrollton, GA - I loved the Atlanta area and often wonder why I moved.
  • Hiram, OH - Hell on earth.
  • Richmond, VA - Home.
5 T.V. shows that I love:
  • Ghost Whisperer - her husband is hot!
  • The Today Show - Matt Lauer is Hot!
  • The Unit - The redhead is HOT-HOT-HOT!
  • 60 Minutes - Anderson Cooper is HOT!
  • NCIS - Mark Harmon, again, is hot!
5 Places I have been on vacation:
  • Saratoga Springs, NY
  • ditto
  • ditto
  • ditto
  • ditto - Sad, but true
5 Favorite Meals
  • Mom's fried chicken
  • Mom's loaded pizza
  • Arroz con Marisco's - Mexico Restaurant shrimp and scallops yummy
  • Cottage cheese and peas - What? I like it. And apparently a lot.
  • Chili - the hotter the better
5 Places I would rather be, right now
  • Probably my bed sleeping, but I'm not really tired at the moment
  • Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Saving the Universe as a Green Lantern
  • Making the world a better place with my Mega Millions lottery winnings
  • Raising puppies
Your Turn

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Land of the Living
  • Drive to NY - 9.5 hours, Note: weekdays no traffic
  • Grandpa's family service - I gave the eulogy, no dry eyes
  • Funeral - very sad
  • Day I left NY - straightened flowers at cemetery, drove back
  • Drive to VA - 10.5 hours, Kelly's right about DC at 3:3o pm

I got back late last night after picking up the Solomonster from friend Wayne. He really came through in a pinch. I am very blessed to have a buddy like Wayne in my life - thank you Man!!

The eulogy was difficult to give, but it was something I had to do for my own peace of mind. I wasn't sure if I would get the chance. The Family service was scheduled short. I sat in the back because I went in late trying to get up the nerve to pay my respects. The silence was deafening and I couldn't take it. So, rather than just go up and say my peace, I went to my mother. I knelt before her and asked her permission to say a few words. Actually the words I spoke were all from my grandfather. I had asked him what he was most proud of in life. I had expected a very curt response. But the man with the thick (actually thin) skin surprised me by saying that he was most proud of each of his children. I shared a brief synopsis of what he said about each of his five children. My Uncle, the unemotional powerhouse, burst out in tears. So, that's when I sorta lost it too, but gathered my composure. I also shared what my grandfather said was his biggest regret. Dumbfounded, my grandfather would only change one thing about his life; he would have played with each of his children more. He had deliberately stopped playing with his children around the age of 12, and began treating them like young adults in firm manner. He wished that he had not done that. Each of his children nodded their heads in agreement.

The first disclosure was a bit foreign to my mother and her siblings but was understood. They had just not been accustomed to hearing compassionate references from their father. It was my honor to be able to relay that message to them. The joke when visiting my grandfather was not to upset him. Which I did often with my "invasive" questions. But I was able to find the core of my grandfather that my other kin had failed to realize. I could not in good conscious let his memory rest without at least of bit of his soul being exposed. The later message sealed my message as truth for them, as they all could identify with the abandonment of their childhood.

I left Saratoga Springs, NY with tears in my eyes, but a wicked smirk in my smile.

Earl Parker Duell, may you rest in peace. Your loving grandson.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I haven't decided yet what Murphy will look like. But today, he's looking a lot like Oscar the Grouch. As you know, I'm trying to get work done, chores accomplished, laundry completed so mom doesn't throw a hissy fit when I walk through the door, get the dog to friend Wayne's for dog-sitting duty, and get my ass home for sleep.
  • Richmond traffic sucked today - Get the hell out of my way.
  • Haircut - Just cut it like I want it and don't kavetch about it.
  • Money - Can you move your ass a bit faster at the ATM machine please!!
  • I got all those letters done and you can't even review them? Don't you know I'm on a deadline here - no pun intended.
  • Thank you Legal Mind that helped, ever so slowly, but HELPED! thank you.
  • Thank you for approving my bereavement time, when I knew I could have it all and you were being a tad bit of a bitch about it. MANAGERS!!
  • TRAFFIC - RED LIGHTS and more people in my way!
  • Get dog to Wayne's!! - Noooo he decides to park his ass under the Florida room where I can't get to him. Making me have to take him over in the morning.
  • Laundry! Crap almost forgot about laundry.
  • Damn I still have to pack and look at me blogging .

I'll be out of commission for a week but I will be back.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a Whirlwind baby!!
I'll be heading back to Saratoga Springs, NY on Thursday to be with the family. I'm trying to get a lot of work done before I go. I'm part of a team of three. I will be out and another member will be out on medical leave. Which will leave one person all be themselves to manage the complaints. Which also means, I'll come back to a ton of work.
Crud, I need to mow the lawn and take care of the dog and get him over to friend Wayne's. Too much to do, so little time to do it.
Thank you for all the well wishes.
Thank you to Amaretto!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Death of a Semi-Hero

June 16, 2008
8:30 a.m.
My Grandfather died
Earl Parker Duell was not a perfect person. He lived his life wide open with all his faults for the world to see. He raised eyebrows with his gruffness. He angered a few people along the way. He spoke his mind, and did not much care about offending. He was a genius when it came to interpersonal dialogue, decision making, family dynamics, finance and economics, car buying, someone else's cooking, the best shows on television, short changing a sucker, politics, local news, horse racing, beating the law, and morals. He also knew how to point a mean finger.
He evoked discomfort in family members or was it just that he demanded attention and respect. You listened to him whether you wanted to or not. To visit him was a challenge if you held any sort of opinion, because it was often wrong. Arguing with Earl was an elusive exercise, since he had already won before you entered the door. His house, his rules. Well it wasn't limited to his house, so long as you knew that in advance. As you can imagine, he was difficult. And many of my family had a hard time dealing with and understanding him.
My father likes to say that I got all the worst qualities of both sides of the family. I'll have to defer to his wisdom, because he happens to be right. Lucky me, I have a lot of my grandfather in me. This is my mother's father and the last of my grandparents to 'go home.' I like to think I'm the lucky one in the family. I understood my grandfather. That does not mean I always liked the man - 'cause he was difficult. But I was never afraid of him. Unlike most of my family, I was able to speak my mind right back to him. I think he secretly enjoyed it. I know my grandmother did, because she would sit in her chair in the corner and just giggle at me. Once she passed away (several years back), gramps started his downward spiral. He wanted to go quick, but something in him (his pacemaker) kept him ticking. This morning, one last dose of painkiller was all it took... and he peacefully slipped away. He would say "dead, is dead." I pray for him that he is wrong and I ask that you do the same for me.
I'm holding up fine right now, but not for much longer. I will miss him terribly. I loved our arguments and our sharing of experiences. I will miss shaking his hand hello and kissing his forehead good-bye. He was my Grandfather and my Friend. I love ya gramps. You can watch over me now! (yep, I lost it)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Declan - pt. 6

"... where I spoke in the open air in what I conceived to be
the seat of Satan's Kingdom.
Lynchburg was a deadly place for the worship of God.”
Lorenzo Dow, 1804
During June 1777 the Continental Congress replaced the Grand Union flag with the Stars and Stripes. General Burgoyne and his 5700 men were sent with their tails between their legs back to England after defeat in the Battle of Saratoga, October 1777. The Articles of the Confederation were adopted by Congress as the new governing body of the United States of America in November 1777. The adorable “Crazy” Lorenzo Dow was now one month old and much cuter than the bizarre Reverend he would grow up to be. He was born into an age of exhilarating change.
Reverend Dow morphed into an inspirational messenger of spiritual enlightenment. A rogue character of the early 19th Century, he exuded nothing of the norm for a man of the cloth. He wielded greasy and stringy long brown hair and an equally unkempt beard. Hygiene was not one of his better attributes. His clothes were generally worn to shreds, unless a kind stranger provided newer clothing. The clothes would dwarf him as he was all skin and bones. He resembled more a harbinger of death, than of godliness. When traveling he carried no personal affects, other than a quantity of bibles to give to the masses. He spoke to groups of people numbering in the thousands. An itinerant evangelist, he would spread the gospel along the east coast of the United States, Canada, England and Ireland, and to the West Indies. His presence brought forth the spectrum of emotions, risking death at times. More than not, people were drawn to him, even loved him. Thousands of children would grow up with some form of his name, impacting many genealogical lineages. He was a fire and brimstone preacher with a modern day flare for marketing through is behavior and visual tactics of intrigue; often jumping from windows onto his horse after a sermon, riding off into the sunset.
Dow first referred to Danville, VA as Satan’s Kingdom; he had yet to arrive in Lynchburg where there were no churches to speak of and plenty of bars. He had been appalled by the Danville folk wanting him to pray for their children, yet not baptize them. But Lynchburg, was an evil all to it’s own. What kind of city could rise up with no devotion to God.
Legend has it that upon his death in Georgetown, several days after my birthday, on February 2, 1834 his rib-bones were disbursed to be buried in the very city’s in which he discerned the most evil. I should know, I started the rumor by taking one of his ribs and burying it in an unmarked grave. That’s why I needed a map. I could not remember how to get to the Old City Cemetery on Taylor Street near Monroe. Now that I have my bearings, I leave my digs at the Travelodge on Main Street and head over to the death camp to exhume me a bone. It’s desecration at it’s best but my buddy Lorenzo would understand.
As I step out the door of my room and head down the street, I pass by a man and his wife. Or, I assume it’s his wife, it does not much matter, because I know what they truly are. I can see it in my peripheral vision as I pass; and I get the chills. I don’t look back, I just keep walking.
The rain has begun. *Thank you Justine, you have perfect timing.* I’ll need some damp ground.

The Return

I have returned from my glorious trip to Lynchburg Virginia; and survived. Jadielady entertained me, as did her man - Sam. I also got to meet Idiotboy, fresh with his new haircut (hubba hubba). Jadie toured me around the 'burg. Part of me felt like I was in the land of Oz. It was so lushly green. Traffic was a breeze. Almost felt as though only the special people had cars. You could drive down and road and noone was coming or going; and it was a main thoroughfare.
Having returned, I'm a bit on schedule-shock. My routine was broken, and I've had to begin a steroid therapy for this cold that just won't let go. It's been a nasty little bugger, and I'm sick of it. It's early on Sunday morning and I have chores to do and I should do some "work" at work today. I'm not feeling it, but maybe I'll get motivated. or not. I have Declan to worry about...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Business Trip

Don't miss me too much, I'll be back
Destination: Lynchburg Virginia
Arrive: Monday June 9, 2008 around 10pm
Depart: Thursday June 12, 2008 around 8pm
It's sort of a vacation from work - to do work
Training Extravaganza
If I don't die from the Heat first.

Declan - pt 5

Feeling a little bit defeated and alone, Declan sat down on a pile of snow and crossed his legs. Calming himself he breathed in and out slow and deep. If there’s a vision to be had, he wanted it now. He waited and only found his impatience. …water. Not an image of water, a want of water. Not a thirst either, but he needed water. “Why would I need water if I’m not thirsty?” He continued to relax.
“Tickle? My neck is tickling.” The La Guz on his neck began to quiver, much like when your eyelid twitches for no reason at all. He earned this brand on the day of his birth. Mother was cleaning down by the icy river, her hands aching from the cold. And along comes Declan, clamoring to become part of the world. Mother fell into the river and in no time, I was born… into the icy waters of mid-Thorri; an Óðinsdagr. *sorry that would be the middle of January, of sorts, and on a Wednesday* I was struggling to survive, as was mother. The ice water was making her sleep and I had not yet had my first breath. It’s said that babies naturally know how to swim and I was no exception. On my back, frantic to live, I took my first breath. The cold was foreign to my body, but I welcomed it. I grew sleepy though my eyes were wide open. I saw several very large dimly-lighted figures. I would later learn they were a band of crusading Jötunheim.
I was handled by my feet and then cradled by my neck. That is when the La Guz was burned into the left side of my neck. It’s a winter marking akin to the Aquarius zodiac and also an elfin water-sign rune. The ice giants gathered my mother and me, and warmed us in their home. They would much later take us home where my father celebrated a new found relationship with the warriors of the north. My father and I had become indebted to them. My mother had become impregnated by them. You’ve already met Justine. It was their way of binding our two families for eternity.
“Of course, water, I’m so ignorant.” Water is universal. Water transcends all things and all time. Water finds it’s way in and out. I was close to the James River. I gathered my cycle and headed over to the main route 29. I should be able to get to the James that way. Hope had drifted in.
Once at the James River, I stripped down to my boxers. *Jesus it was cold, nipples standing at attention.* Stuffing my belongings into my watertight gear bag I threw it over my shoulders. Then found a tidy place for the bike. And throwing caution to the wind I jumped into the river and swam toward the barrier. Not far along, I was thwarted by hitting an invisible shield. But my resolve was unstoppable and I went under, deeper and deeper. The cold water had no impact on my stamina. The water well oxygenated for my needs. The current suddenly pulled me deeper down and under. The break I needed - the water had found a way under the barrier. As soon as I was able, I headed up and out of the water like a rocket. Gasping for air, I headed for shore, near where several others were wadding and having a summer party.
Odd, I’ll be celebrating my birthday for the first time in the middle of summer! …And a terrible storm by the looks of it. Dinner and a hotel, and a map, I need a map.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby it's hot outside

When it gets this hot, I become a lazy wimp. I am stopped in my tracks and have no ambition. It just drains my energy. I didn't watch the weather tonight so I can only guess that it was 100 degrees. But I did catch a sports snippet for some local school sports that were cancelled. The heat index had reached 120. Yeah, um - no! That kind of heat is not for me. And it's supposed to continue until Tuesday. At which point it will be a chill 89 degrees.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Medical Bills

I love coming home to bills, don't you? I received my phone bill today and was not surprised to see a negative balance. I had paid it forward a month. I also received my natural gas bill. This was not paid forward, but I was still happy to see it not have winter bill figures. Then there was the ominous Bon Secours Richmond Health System envelope. Oh yes, I've been expecting this one since I had to go to St. Mary's Hospital for tests. You'll recall my recent mega-sickness. I'm still waiting for my doctor's bill.
Sidebar: My job is to respond to customer grievances. Not only just respond to them, but to respond in a manner that is pleasant, informative and conveys a sense of regret over customer issues. Now that sounds rather placating and insincere. I try my best to veer from sounding phony because I actually do care about my company's reputation and responsive corrective actions.
Back on track: The envelope from Bon Secours was not a bill. Rather it was a letter. A simple little letter. Oh but it was so much more. They thanked me for selecting them and offered up that they had been in business since 1824. Blah, Blah, Blah. I'd much rather get the bill and move on. But this letter alerted me to the fact that they were in contact with my insurance provider. They nicely avoid referring to my medical experience and debt to them. Then they eloquently establish their confidence that my insurance provider will act in professional and prompt manner. And lest I forget, they also express their confidence in my ability to avoid delays in responding to the eventual bill to come.
I feel like I just got hosed down with glitter and love from the medical mafia. Gosh I hope my letters don't read like this correspondence.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

WRVQ - Q94

Thank you Q94
You have made things "right" in the universe.
Reader's, several blogs ago I asked for your assistance to share your point of view with Melissa & Sid of Q94's morning show. This issue was over their "Go Gay In L.A." promotion. The winners, Karen and Joanne of earth2karen were elated, but soon found themselves in the middle of less than pleasant circumstances. I requested that you read their blog. I didn't want to put thoughts into your head. Though in retrospect, it did convey a "bitch" message was necessary. But then again I did believe that some fire under their butts was warranted. By "their" - I don't mean Melissa & Sid, so much as the radio station's management. But as the front-people that always want to know what your thinking - I figure Melissa & Sid are easy targets.
Melissa & Sid - Having read Karen's recent blog and understanding that Karen and Joanne are completely happy with how you and management have rectified the matter - I would like to say Thank You. I would also like to thank you for reading my long winded email. I assume that you and management read it.
Readers - I now request that you extend the same "thank you" to Melissa & Sid. They play you music in the morning and make you smile on your way to your second home. And it's the right thing to do.
Karen and Joanne - Congratulations! You're getting married !!! Can Kelly and Jeff be your bridesmaids?
Q94 - Please stop playing Wyclef Jean's "Dollah bill ya'll" so much. OMG Please!!!! Susan Powter says "STOP THE INSANITY."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Where are your keys?
I was too irritated to blog about this last night, that's why you got the humorous "Dancing Thomas" post. THAT at least made me giggle.
I drove my car to Patrick Kia (fast becoming not a fan of theirs) to have it inspected and a list of other items. I was told the car would be ready that day. I handed over my keys and got a ride to work from the Bill. THE SLOWEST man on 4 tires. He knows that I don't like his driving because he has asked me during past rides. And in true Thomas form, I told him "no, you drive too slow and I need to get on with my life - just drive." So at the time it was 7:45 am on the east end of Richmond about 15 miles from work. He had two others to drop off, who conveniently (as always) are dropped off before me. I got to work at 8:45. Yes indeed, it took an entire hour to drive 15 miles. That is how my day started and it just proceeded to get frantically worse from that point on.
Tuesday was just 2 Mondays in disguise. Filled with urgent - do now - requests that had no importance to my work, but I knew how to take care of the issues. Just about every complainant from my past came out of the woodwork and called me or emailed me. *side note: Aki in Australia, thank you for not calling me because I know you are so wonderfully doing well now!!*
I received a call from Patrick Kia at 3:30, right in the middle of a huge work mess. They called to advise that my car would not be ready until tomorrow/Wednesday (and I picked it up today at 4:oo pm). It seems that they needed to order the tires that I had told them to order on MONDAY before my appointment. Nice work fellas! But the car would surely be ready by noon on Wednesday. *you did catch when the car was actually ready right?*
So hell day ends and I've gotten a ride home from "Sheena - Queen of the Jungle." Just as I'm about to close her mini-van door, it hits me that I don't have my house key. Well I let her get on with her life because she has a family and Patsy/neighbor is on her porch and I can see she has her cordless phone in tow. She allows me to use her phone to call the ONE (and this will now change) person that has my spare house key. He lives 12 miles to the west of my house. Like clockwork, Wayne is always home around 5:30 pm. Remember in a prior post how I told you about "Murphy?" Fast Forward to 9:15 pm. Wayne finally answers his phone. Seems Tuesday night was his regularly scheduled housing association meeting that ends at 7:00 pm. *did you catch that?* But on this non-full moon Tuesday, the meeting lasted until 9:00 pm.
Rewind: from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm I stood on my porch waiting for friend Wayne to arrive. Oh did I mention it was a torrential downpour during this time frame? Oh and did I mention I left the house at 7:00 am and my dog was inside? Well, friend Wayne got to my house at 10:10 pm.
I was not a happy camper. But I felt worse that my buddy Wayne didn't get home until much later and I was in my house sitting on my chair in a t-shirt and boxers, nice and comfy. Big thank you to friend Wayne for saving me. Even if it was 4 hours late. Love ya buddy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dancing YEAH !!!

Here's a peek of my dancing technique.
That is me.
Wearing the quilt my buddy Wayne's mother made me.
Shut up, it's funny!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pride Month

June is Gay Pride month.
Kelly has requested like minded bloggers too post the picture above in their blog in support of Gay Pride. He also asks the blogger to write about their coming out experience, not coming out reasons, or why the blogger has chosen to post the picture. Here's what I have to say:
I'll spare you the childhood stories of 7 minutes in heaven, spin the bottle, strip poker, sleep overs, and the adult that shouldn't have but did. Sexually I matured early and enjoyed every bit of it with both genders. By the 9th grade I was sure that I was into other guys, but played both fields. It helped that I had a girlfriend that was sexually flexible as well. Chalk it up to an interesting neighborhood of kids, because we were. I've been engaged twice, but gladly dodged those bullets. I've had 2 straight and 2 gay - long term relationships. It's been a while since I've been in a relationship for any length of time. I'm now alone, but not lonely. I do what I want to do under my own terms. It wasn't before now, and is not currently, a need of mine to come out. I'm just me and I have always liked myself. Well that's sort of a lie. There was a time that I struggled with my faith. But then I realized that the big-guy and I, will deal with that when and if the time comes. I also believe my god to be a loving god and appreciates me for who I am. That settled, I go on with my life.
I am not out to my mother and father, but my younger sister knows that I am gay. It doesn't hurt my feelings anymore that my parents told all three children at the dinner table when I was 16 that, "If you ever want to bring someone home - that is outside the norm - then don't come home." My folks are fairly simple when it comes to addressing life's issues. They don't care for complications. I respect that, if that's how they wish to live their lives. I'll let them live in ignorance. *But they know I'm gay.* You don't reach 42 years of age, not married and no children, without your parents wondering and cerebrally "knowing." Even if they don't want to admit it to themselves. *But they know.* So now you know.
I'm not a hard read, nor do I stand out in a crowd carrying a flag like the one above. But if you're bold enough to ask, I figure that's reason to tell ya. Just for fun though, if you don't know and don't ask - it's fun to keep you guessing if your content on listening to the rumors. Because I don't give a rats ass. I do like me - others like me and some don't. But very few don't like me for the reason of my being gay. It's mostly because I told my "truth" about something else. Down below I mention my 5% negative side and 10% evil side, and my ability to show-out in public. Now, that's cause for concern. That's my story - and I'm not finished.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Share YOUR voice: Q94

The root of this post is based in a couple's decision to get married. You have no doubt heard that the fine state of California has legalized same-sex marriages. Have whatever thoughts you want about this issue. But, I personally will be counted as a supporter. The actual topic of this blog is about something entirely different. It's about - integrity. I will let you make your decision about how to respond. But I do ask that you voice your opinion. As my blog title states, "Can't Never Could Do Nothing." And I stand for doing something when that something is the right thing to do. I trust you will act accordingly, or at least I hope so.
WRVQ - Q94 Radio Station in Richmond, Virginia held a contest called "Go Gay In L.A." Rather than influence you one way or another, I will ask that you visit this blog: earth2karen. Please begin reading at May 19, 2008 and work backward to understand what happened. I have shared my viewpoint with Karen, Melissa & Sid of Q94, and Q94 Management.
Once you have read the entire fiasco, please let Melissa and Sid know what you think!

Contact Melissa & Sid at:
*For Karen and Joanne - two women that I don't even know.

Declan - pt. 4

Inside the barrier, Justine began to feel claustrophobic. Now made of the wind, she could easily travel throughout the world without a care. Now her care was collapsing in around her. Being held captive inside the bubble that she could not define, Justine frantically looked for a way out. The only thing in her mind now were words to a song that felt all too familiar,
“…I saw a woman on the sidewalk
she was beaten by a stranger
Danger – Danger – Danger!!!”
Justine was aware of the dimensions of her power. The understanding was second nature to her after her violent death to a strange man in Mississippi. He had told her that he was there to help her transcend her understanding of the universe. A deeply spiritual woman, Justine had sought out this man for his wisdom… only to find her doom. Her demise was at the bloody hands of a self-defined Shaman. But as she lay dying, a peaceful apparition conveyed strength and new life to her spirit. Rising from her battered body Justine was invigorated. She took hold of the spirit guide to the Carpathian Mountains in the Orşova region of Romania. While she had lived a long life, researching the beliefs and customs of many nations, she would soon be overwhelmed by the simplicity of the meaning of life. Her children, she worried about them especially the baby. The baby she had birthed a week earlier and was in the care of her father. The terms of her death as relayed by her father were a lie of pacification. But none of that mattered now.
Justine knew she had to save Declan. Her capture tormented her, not allowing her mind to concentrate on the events at hand. She was growing agitated, trying to find a way out. The skies were darkening and the storm to follow would not be pleasant if Justine could not center her mind.
Declan on the other hand could only concentrate on getting the blade back, but could not breach the barrier. That weapon can not fall into the hands of a child, let alone an adult human. Beyond the barrier appeared a form he was familiar with. Hati approached cautiously, perceiving the dangerous veil. With her jaws she picked up the xiphos blade and pensively approached. She passed the blade through the veil to Declan. She sat, as if waiting instructions.
“Thank you Ms. Hati. What would I do without you?” Declan said with relief. Hati raised her right paw and howled. Quickly she retreated into the sparse forest, which revealed another figure, familiar but too distant to fully recognize. But Declan knew that she found a way in, but for some reason was unwilling to share that information.
As he looked up into the barrier he noticed the storm brewing. It brought a vague Baton Rouge, Louisiana reference to mind, “…I am an only child, born of the wild. Riddled to spend my time, defending my land…” A song, a warning, an individual to be wary of… No.
Not just one individual person. Rather a family lineage to be frightened of.

To Appease Friend Marta

Don't Ask

Indigo Girls Concert

<--- This is Chicken Man
He may not be the Indigo Girls' version of the Chicken Man, but I don't think that matters so much. Especially since they didn't sing that song during their concert.
The concert was well attended. I was surprised so many people actually knew the words to most of the songs. The girls really seemed to appreciate the fact that the audience was singing their songs so well and loudly.
Even I sang, and I'm no singer. And with my raspy voice from all the illness recovery, I was often out of tune. But I didn't give a crap. I was happy and glad I went.
*They still could have played Chicken Man!!*
Thanks for going JJ.