Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, June 8, 2009

Attack of the Killer Blue Jay

Well now, Daddy Blue Jay is protecting his nest again. He does not seem to care for when I mow my lawn. It took me a long 3 hours just to mow the back yard tonight. But I did have the company of Daddy J. I'm not yet sure where the nest is but it's in the gnarled mess of a tree in my back yard. He dive-bombs me and/or the lawnmower. I first noticed him tonight sitting on the fence squawking at me loud enough I could hear him over the mower. Then I had to laugh when he flew off and tapped the top of my head. That seems to be his favorite activity to get my attention. When that's not working, he hops in front of the mower. This will go on just like last summer until the end of July. It's really quite funny.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Aftermath

Green Lantern and Money should go hand in hand.

Jasmine (I thing that's her name) needs a thicker skin.

I'm certain that my anger towards the Wachovia situation is well understood. I was not abusive on the phone to any of the representatives I spoke with. I was even told by some colleagues around me that, given the situation, I was more than pleasant. Now, at one point Jasmine was yanking my chain. I made it clear that I did not want to receive help from her, no offense, but that I only wanted to talk to ONE individual and I gave her his name. The name of the very person spoke with when the issue first started. Not being one to take no for an answer, and trust me, she understood clearly that I was not releasing information to her. She continued to ask me questions. I told her that I was through answering Wachovia Questions and Wachovia was going to answer mine.

Backtrack a bit

At lunch I went to my local Wachovia Branch and spoke with a gentleman that got to listen to about 20 minutes of my pissed-off'ed-ness, nicely put; and not being able to say anything because I was on a roll. I started by giving him my driver's license and bank card and told him to verify me. And then I asked him what truck he tried to purchase within the last 5 years. It seems that he was not aware of Regulation E (though it exists). End result, he helped me as much as he could and noted my policy and verified me and noted my policy further. I can only trust that he will convey my frustration upward, and also share my dissatisfaction with their Fraud Department security verification procedures. I'll get to that in a minute.

It seems that the 'supervisor' I spoke with yesterday did not put any hold/restrictions on my card; but she was a smart bitch and tweaked my nipple enough to piss me off, which in turn only spread the joy that is ME, amongst her peers. My money was always available. I seems that the Customer Service Center uses standard security questions (SSN, DOB, Address, Zip code, yadda yadda). But when a purchase is coded a potential fraud, it can trigger a requirement for additional questions associated to your social security number, and not your credit report as the first lovely supervisor told me. Either way, I'm not jiggy with the questions:

What truck did I try to purchase in the past 5 years - Answer is, I didn't
What relation to me is (Name) - answer is, Sister
What relation to me is (Name) - answer is, Mother
There was another question, but I forget what it was.

I understood the purpose of the question. But I found it offensive, invasive, and harassing to asking me questions that did not pertain to my business relationship with Wachovia. I would prefer a question like, "You write a monthly check for $302.62. To which company is that check written?" See how that question does not invade on purchase habits that do not relate Wachovia. See how that question does not interfere in my personal family life? Well, Wachovia is getting a complaint letter from me. oooooh scarey I know, but still, they need to hear my rant.

Well, back to Miss Over-Sensitive who was asking me too many questions that I was not about to answer. She was instant messaging the dude I needed to chat with. 10 minutes of her chatting with him, she finally tells me that she's not sure she will transfer the call because I would not respond to her questions. So I told her she was really pissing me off and to please let me talk to the person I asked for, that is apparently available. She proceeded to chastise me for using offensive language. Ummmm hello, if she had taken any of the 15 minutes we had been on the phone to read the trail of notes in my account, she would have realized why I was calling. Seriously, "pissing" was so terribly offensive to her that she felt negatively impacted. She needs a thicker skin if she's going to do that job. Or she needs to not use that ploy anymore cause she got called on it. But she did get the last laugh because she hung up on me. bitch, yes she did.

Dude kindly called me back within 5 minutes.

Research on his part revealed something he did not know. A fraud alert in their systems can be rescinded, but needs 24 hours to cycle; don't try to re-submit the purchase. subsequent repurchases within the 24 hour rescission window, extends the window an additional 24 hours for each violation. AH, that's why it keeps declining the purchase.

**I have elected not to proceed with that purchase**
**and I'm also considering other actions.**
Thank you Dude.
Go to Hell Dudette, Bitch Supervisor #1, and Double-Bitch Supervisor #2, and thank you Mr. Local Wachovia Branch guy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The break is over

I hope the artist can deal with my editing his shouts.

I've needed a break from blogging. I have been really moody and I didn't want to put that energy out into the universe. Well, I did - but I just didn't. I still feel that way. And then I got my Intestinal madness and bacterial Michelin Man disease. Which by the way is not entirely better. I'm struggling with the recovery. My intestines feel as if they are bloated (they are) and extend around me by a foot and down (they don't, but I am wearing my fatman pants). I feel constipated, but I assure you that I am ooooh so very NOT. And I'm moody... but I digress.

So today was back to work after a week away. Away from work, but around. And boy did I get pissed right the fuck off and shit for business got done today. (not true, but felt like it.)

Last week I attempted to make a purchase online with my Wachovia card. I admit it was a purchase outside my norm. It was declined. Okay, that's fine, I understood that. So I called Wachovia to clear it up. I talked with a rather nice guy that asked me the usual security questions and all was well and I could make my purchases. OOOOH No the hell I could not - still declined. Called Wachovia back and could not get the nice guy I talked to. But did get a nice lady, who wasn't the most helpful. So I asked for a manager - it was resolved. Well that seemed so nice and "too" easy. It was.

Between Thursday and Friday I made multiple attempts to resolve this matter. And then all of a sudden it seems the tables turned against me. I became the culprit. I was being treated like I was attempting to steal (identity theft) myself. I was being asked questions that were beyond the scope of the normal security questions. What the hell was this? And all reasonable help to be able to make a $100 purchase from my pitiful $3000 of savings became a battle for my identity. Rest assured that over the weekend, I spoke with a Wachovia rep that was indeed less helpful but assured me that I could make my purchase. Again, no..... declined.

So today, I was not a happy camper trying to make my 'simple' purchase. I spoke with a supervisor. You know the kind with the sugary soft sultry calming voice. Well frankly she didn't realize the prick she was talking to. Because I can be nice, and equally sugary with a ton more sarcasm to back it up. She wanted me to answer additional questions that I found to be harassing and NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. She wanted me to tell her what type of Truck purchase I had attempted within the past 5 years. She named my a person in my life and wanted to know my relation to her. She named another person in my life and wanted to know my relation to her as well. Answering these questions would have allowed me to get her, to release the funds to make the purchase. 5 days later, she asks me these additional security questions. See I not only have a problem with the additional intrusive security questions that I find to be customer service harassment (apparently allowed under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act - Regulation "E"); but I also find it frustrating that 5 day prior I was the same person (Identity thief or NOT) and allowed to have access to my money.

The kicker to this whole Bitch of a situation is this... Since I refused to be the monkey they wanted by answering their additional security questions, Ms. Bitch locked up my $100 AND the remaining balance. (Insert even more colorful epithets right the fuck HERE.)

Welcome back to blogging Thomas.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Dream

My recent struggle with death left me having some odd dreams. What? ...I felt like I was dying. One of the dreams I had involved my demise. My gut wrenched, intestinal twisting and bacterial infested corpse lay serenely next to some old tree. As time passes I decay and wither away into the ground. The following Spring I am risen renewed in the form of mushrooms. A copious mound of brown mushrooms. All of you visit but don't stay. You reach out to touch me to say hello, but you pull away. The creatures of the land walk by me or around as if to avoid me. I am poisonous and you all recognize my healthful status. And the dream ends.
Well I have to tell you. That is actually how I felt. Not even my dog wanted to be around me. Frankly, I stunk. I showered - long hot showers are wonderful when you can muster up the energy to enjoy one when your sick. I stunk so bad I forced myself to shower whether I felt like it or not. I'm loathe to describe the stench. I smelled of defecation, but I was clean. I smelled of nicotine, but I have not been smoking. The smell was sour, rancid and oddly fragrant. I figure the fragrant part was from being diabetic and my sugar levels being high. But who the heck knows. Sweet smelling shit, is still shit; and that is how how felt.
Monday I felt well enough to go to work. I did. OMG, I still stunk. I went home for lunch and threw on some cologne to try to feel better about myself.
Today, I had more energy and I didn't stink. I'm getting better. Maybe my shit don't stink after all. *oh yeah, I'm feeling better*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pardon of Miss California

When Carrie Prejean won the title of Miss California 2009, I wonder if the caption should have read, "OMG, this is the last glamour title I'll even win because I'm an idiot when answering questions!"

I could care less that she does support gay married, or believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. That her basis is due to how she was raised. I regret that she does not have a mind of her own. I also feel sorry for her that she didn't anticipate that question in advance. She most certainly could have thought of an answer that was eloquent, supported her beliefs and walked the line of controversy.

Now I'm not saying that I would want to know the truth as we all do now. I just saying that she was basically applying for a nationally/globally recognized prestige position. She should have know better than to stab the question face on.

But oddly enough I'm more annoyed at Donald Trump being the sexist egotistical pig that he is. Should I expect anything less. He also supported and retained the other Miss USA/America tart (not sure which contest cause I'm just not that into it). You may recall she had a drug and alcohol history that could have tarnished her crown. Well that was two years ago and the Donald exonerated her. But on his Apprentic Show, the Kardashian chic got the boot for having received a DUI in California. Trump is consistent that he likes tits and ass, but he sure is not consistent with his business ethics.

Donald Trump - You're Fired !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mixing Evil and Fun

If you haven't read me in a while, you're not alone. I have found a new addiction and it is enjoyable. I get into it when I get home and then it's time for bed. Facebook's Vampire Wars is taking up my time and I like it. Oddly enough, it's sort of like how blogging took hold me when I first started.

And I have Jadielady to thank for both. That Temptress!

Well I'm back and I hope you haven't missed me too much. Though I can think of two folks that have sent out for minor detective work to see if I was okay. Thank you for your concern. Nothing was terribly wrong with me. Other than a recent battle with a tummy demon. But I think I'm conquering that bug. Join me for regularly scheduled programming. Let me know if you want to join facebook and my Vampire Clan.... Come on, you know you want to...!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is Domo, but I'm naming it Pu'Ke' (pronounced Poo-Kay, but it's a fancy way of saying "Puke"). It's in honor of one of my friends and she shall find it sitting at her desk tomorrow morning with some brown M&M's to resemble the actual come-uppance.

Four of us went to a local restaurant on Friday night and we had a good time. I choose to not drink because I was having a health assessment completed the next morning. Two fine ladies were having Peppermintini's. The smelled wonderful and they look like mudslides in a martini glass. Well, let's just say they went down really fast and furious. Both got extremely silly and one made the bad decision to get up from her seat. It was all over from that point on. She tried to compose herself. But found that the bathroom was where the fun was at. And then made the mistake of coming back to the table, one gurgle too early. NICE. Well rather than go home I helped her get a hotel room.

durn, where are cute drunk boys when you need 'em.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rare Offer

Prove to me that you are a psychic.

Tell me what I'm thinking.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009