Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Evil Nature

Your evil

hmmmm, I was expecting a much higher score.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Green Light

I am a Green Light

I take life at a fast pace. usually
I act quickly and decisively.

I have good instincts and trust my gut. always
I'm confident and brave.
and impulsive

I am determined and ambitious.
definitely determined
I don't allow myself to waste time.

It's no surprise that I get a lot done. oh yes it is
I am efficient and productive. bwah ha ha ha ha

Thursday, February 26, 2009



Virgina State Police car, license Plate 128-182L, you are a whole ass.

Thank you for driving the speed limit of 55mph along I-64East to I-95South. I understand that your precious cargo you were carrying in the backseat needed to get to his special appointment safely. I appreciate that too. What I don't appreciate is your lack of use of your left signaler to alert me to the fact that you intended to merge into me. Not ahead or behind me, but into me. Thankfully I saw that you didn't even look when you weren't signaling and I adjusted to avoid an accident with not just you but the asshat that was riding my tail. Kudos to your brother in blue that was also carrying precious cargo to his destiny (License Plate 128-181L); he was intelligent enough to use his signal when he slowly merged with oncoming traffic on to I-95South.

And to you, you friggin nitwit ponytail blonde female driving the Volvo at 8:00am on I-64West this morning; You also need to learn to use your signal as you're are merging directly into my driver side door. You so narrowly missed me as I layed on my horn to alert you to the fact that you are in fact a stupid bitch. And no, I didn't find it funny when you waived me off twiddling each of your fingers at me like we were best friends. Next time put your damn cell phone down. I hope you spill hot coffee - all over Ms. Pus.

AND, to Mr. Construction worker in the red van that was following so close that I could count your chest hairs; Next time, follow me home all the way, damn it!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green Fuel

Green Fuel from Red Fungus.

Read this article.

Can we throw billions toward this too?
Well, maybe not to Patagonia, the southern section of South America.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Limerick Contest

The annual Limerick Contest was announced in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this past Sunday. If you followed this blog last year you might recall that I entered and shared my creation. If you want to enter you can get an entry form from the paper or the local R-TD offices.
A Limerick, as defined by the R-TD is a humorous five-line poem. Lines 1, 2 and 5 have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another. Lines 3 and 4 have five to seven syllables and also rhyme with each other. The challenge is to create your own Limerick using the at least 2 of the words provided by the R-TD. I'm not sure who the knuckle-head is that selected the words, but I think they have spent too much time sucking on that Blarney Stone. If you're interested in giving it a stab, the words are (and I'm providing the Miriam Webster definitions):
  1. Schism - formal division in or separation from a church or religious body
  2. Quixotic - foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals
  3. Ablution - the washing of one's body or part of it (as in a religious rite)
  4. Tocsin - an alarm bell or the ringing of it
  5. Cosset - (noun) a pet lamb; or a (transitive verb) to treat as a pet, pamper
  6. Zeitgeist - the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era
  7. Stolid - having or expressing little or no sensibility
Are you freaking kidding me?
Entries are due on March 9, 2009
Game on you inebriated word selector!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I did just say that

Yes, I did

I did tell a fellow co-worker I thought he was cute. Now I know I didn't really want to go to work today after a week of vacation. But apparently I was so school-girl giddy about having a week of vacation to myself that my guard was down all day. I was relaxed, not the least bit edgy or defensive. My week was for ME and I deserved it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Apparently the euphoria rolled into today as well. Many folks commented about my more than usual jovial self. As opposed to the often prickly nature I can exude on occasion. But at the end of the day, nothing caught me more off kilter than explaining a situation to a colleague (who is aware that I am gay by the way) and revealing to him that the general consensus about him was that he is cute. Which by, his thoroughly blood red blushing face conveyed, that consensus included in part - me. I'm normally very reserved at work about such things. I have no idea what got into me to blurt that out the way I did, but only as a part of the conversation at hand. But golly...

Well shit yeah, he's cute. And I did have a nice personal vacation.

Vacation Over

I don't wanna go to work!

Hulk Smash!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Captain Underpants

Yvonne Morris is Captain Underpants of the day!!!

I know I'm on vacation. And I generally don't blog when I'm on vacation. Just a way of taking a break from it all. But Yvonne just needed a "Can't Never Could Do Nothing" shout out.

Way to go Yvonne!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eye Color

My Eyes Should Be Brown
But they are actually Blue/Green

Your eyes reflect: Depth and wisdom
Not when I'm on vacation the don't.

People find me to be: Loyal, honest, and comforting
Until they piss me off.

My best trait: I am comfortable with who I am, and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not
I so am. And what I am is ON VACATION BABY!!

What's hidden behind my eyes: A tender heart
Just like the Care Bear!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Even the vultures are circling in hunt of Friday. Today was like sitting through watching the movie "Mama Mia" all over again. Is it over yet?

Thankfully I'm on top of all my work so I can go on vacation and feel unburdened. But I swear if anything drops in my lap at work tomorrow that even threatens of taking a long time to resolve... I'm going to tear into it's flesh and make it sorry it whined.

Grrrr Arrrggh!!

Gawd, I can smell Friday, and it's making me hungry!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time has stopped

So when I scheduled my vacation for next week, I thought no big deal. It would just be nice to be off fairly early in the year. The bonus for me is that it is truly a ME vacation. I don't have to go home to New York to see the folks, or for a funeral. Just a lazy time off from work to enjoy in my own way. Holy mackerel, as the week has approached I have just been silly about wanting to be here already. And it's just poking right along. The only thing on my mind is "time off". I'm actually really happy to be at work so I can concentrate on other people's problems to distract my mind. How ironic that even that is not working. I don't even want to think of other things to blog about cause it's just THAT ONE topic in my head. I'm even thinking of entering one of Sean's Undie-Monday features to amuse myself. .... forget about it, that's not happening.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Please tell me it's Friday


Come on Friday!!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stimulus Plan

This is a rather nifty devise. The Steelcase Workstation - health, fitness and the stress of work all wrapped into one nice package. It's actually rather cool since it has an electronic adjustment to the height that you require. The treadmill only moves at 2 mph, so you won't feel like you need to run. And it's estimated that for every hour you walk you can burn about 100 calories. Of course the pricing link on the website is mysteriously broken, but I did find prices ranging from about $4,200 to $6,500. Stick that in your stimulus! I doubt seriously even the most health-minded of businesses would buy into getting their employees this little beauty.

What Office Supply Are You

I am a Whiteboard

I am a dreamer, a visionary, and a straight up idea person. I am very creative.

Even if the things I think up are a bit wacky, they often are brilliant.

I am an adept problem solver. I am always tossing around dozens of ideas.

I would make a good artist, designer, or architect. I do best when work feels like play.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Hero Factory

Oh great! My superpower = I have a barking stick!

Be scared evil doers!!

Create your own

I am Competitive, Organized, and Centered.
I'd rather win than simply get along in most situations. When I know I'm right, I would rather argue my point than compromise. I am not always interested in getting along with others in a group, especially if it can mean losing my identity.
Generally, those with a high score on the "competitive" trait hold leadership positions in industry and are exhilarated by risk-taking both in their professional and personal lives.

I like to think a task through before I embark on it. If it's the slightest bit complicated, I make a list (even if it's only in my mind) and methodically work my way through it. When I have a goal in mind, I'm not satisfied until I reach it. I am not one of those people who ignore the details, and I don't understand how anyone can get anything accomplished without thoughtful planning ahead of time. But I can be messy.

I often feel balanced and on top of things, even when those around me are freaking out. I'm in a pretty good state all the time, and not subject to drastic mood swings. I don't usually react before I think; I am not ruled by your emotions.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's not ME

I swear to you that I don't mind having meetings. But I dread certain things about meetings. Usually I get to the point that I am very nearly like the guy above on the left. Now you will recall that our team was down a person for a while; that position has been filled for about 2 months now. The new guy is intelligent and funny and I get along with him quite well. My preference is for meetings to get to the point, have productive banter, and then move on. Oh, well today that wouldn't happen. Just as I was getting bored, I realized that the new guy was way more bored that me. It was a one-off meeting that we have on occasion. We had a guest as part of the group. This guest likes to talk circles and say nothing, but has a knack for making it sound pretty impressive. But it's not and it puts you to sleep. So while I was trying to get my meeting-dose of-zombie-sleep in - all of a sudden hear a very faint hummmm. And another - hummmm, now with a distinctive beat. Well don't ya know, it sounded like the Saturday Night Live Mike Myers tune "I know my name is Simon - I like to do drawrings!" I was good for the rest of the meeting, since I knew that someone else was totally more bored that me. AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personality Test

Type..Score..Type behavior motivation
8...........19......Strong and in control to be happy.
9...........19......Peaceful and easy to get along with to be happy.

My main type is the behavior I utilize most and/or prefer. My variant (overall self) reflects my scoring profile on all nine types:

so = social variant (compliant, friendly)

sx = sexual variant (assertive, intense)

sp = self preservation variant (withdrawn, security seeking).

The Enneagram is a personality system which divides the entire human personality into nine behavioral tendencies, this is your score on each:

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism46%
Type 2Helpfulness66%
Type 3Image Focus34%
Type 4Hypersensitivity14%
Type 5Detachment38%
Type 6Anxiety58%
Type 7Adventurousness46%
Type 8Aggressiveness78%
Type 9Calmness78%
My main type is 9
My variant is social
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

So after taking this test, I think I may be manic. I must be strong and in control AND I must be peaceful and easy to get along with - to be happy. Let's also notice that I am equally 78% Type 8 and 9; Aggressive and Calmness, respectively. Hi!! Let's be friends!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here he comes to save the day,
in blackest night or brightest day.
In evil’s sight, there’s wrong to right.
Beware this Lantern’s power light,
‘cause Mighty Mouse is here to fight.

One year ago today this blog joined with you. This is now my 303rd post. Jadielady probably didn't know what she was doing, suggesting that I join this fun club. It's been interesting watching things progress and make some friends along they way. Here's a bit of google analytic stats of the year in review. It's not all inclusive but does warrant some shout outs. Here's to more fun along the way and thank you for stopping by my little part of the net:

Visits: 8,091 Pageviews: 10,704
High Day: 100 visitors on June 11, 2008 (funny I didn’t even post that day)

Referring blogs
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Countries that frequent me:
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I've enjoyed being a dork and showing my cynical side. I often don't have the same thought pattern as many of you out there with my odd points of view on life. And then I have shared some personal issues this past year that are so very much human. I try to throw in some light hearted stuff hoping that you will enjoy and come back. In the end, I just putting out there, what is moving me at the moment. Comment as you will or not at all. I hope you enjoy the reading.