Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm bringing in the new year perfectly quiet and alone. And I'm enjoying it. I prepared my resolution packet by stopping by a few stores tonight. I purchased the following:
  • A carton of cigarettes
  • Orange Juice and a 6 pack of Coca-Cola for my Bocci Ball: Mix with Amaretto
  • A Mr. Goodbar Candy Bar
  • Pretzels for my Guacamole
  • A Virginia Lottery New Year's $20 Ticket
This is just part of my annual ritual to be defy the gods of resolutions. I also plan to sleep in late. I wonder if I can fit the 7 deadly sins on my schedule for tomorrow?
  1. Lust, I'll probably surf some porn on the net
  2. Gluttony, the Bocci Ball and the Candy Bar is not all I'll be eating
  3. Greed, I have my lottery ticket and I purposefully didn't buy a male friend a Christmas Present.
  4. Sloth, I might not shower and I will be sleeping in
  5. Wrath, though no longer a dominant part of my personality, I think I can find a target of aggression.
  6. Envy, hmmm - yeah I'm jealous of and admire the bodies of hot sexy men
  7. Pride, I am the Supreme Commander of the Universe, after all
Yeah, I'm not making any friggin' New Years Resolutions. And I'll be wonderfully content with that decision. *woot*
Happy New Year - Everyone
Enjoy your extra second of time in your day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me vs. The Snow

Before I left for NY, I had 2 days to take care of some things around my end that needed to get done. But I still didn't have all the time I needed. The morning I left I put my NY winter coat next to my door so I wouldn't forget it. ... I forgot it, remembering it when I was well past Baltimore. But mom went out and bought me a new one. Thanks mom! It'll come in handy in Virginia for all of 2 days. But her love and thoughtfulness was there and I did appreciate it since it was so friggin' cold! That bitchin' coat is toasty as all get out, I felt like a pig in a blanket!! I ate some of those too, while I was home.

The snow - damn it to hades, I hate snow. The pics are of the street my parents live on. There was more snow to come. Oh yes, I hate snow.

You'll recall that my grandfather passed away (love ya gramps) in June. I said my eulogy then. My Aunt loved it so much that she wanted me to write it out for her. I did better and made a presentation in a frame for her and all the family. Seemed to go over pretty well as a Christmas present because we had non-stop guests all week. It was great seeing everyone, but it left me with little time to do anything that I wanted since there was much other stuff planned in between visits, shopping, planned visits I had prearranged and the holidays. I almost didn't have time to visit with my closest buddy from college. And that would not have been good because I had his daughters Christmas presents to deliver. I think of myself as their pseudo-uncle.

Christmas Eve was exciting. Unanticipated guests showed up in advance of the planned time and stayed a while. Then the planned crowd started to stream in slowly. By 8:00pm all were on board to begin the real festivities (we can drink, and so can my mother apparently). The final guest that left was my cousin. He left at 4:00am. I'm not sure I have ever been up that late with my mother and father still awake and "entertaining". My folks are fairly quiet, but not this time. Dad was telling stories and mom was drinking and carrying on. All the fuss and stress of preparing seemed to wash away. I was glad for that.

I gave my family "last-name" key rings made by NobamaGirl's husband. Dad immediately set his to working. Mom is using hers currently as a counter decoration delicately poised to let all those that enter, be warned of who's house they have entered. I gave my mother a Celtic-throw to place on her bed (or wherever) because it matches the mahogany furniture. Dad doesn't need anything. So I got the sugar freak a huge crystal container filled with about 15 pounds of Jelly Belly jelly beans. You'd think he'd be diabetic, but no. I know my pop so well. He loved it. Mom went immediately into the bedroom and draped her bed with the throw. Looks pretty damn good and I'm glad she likes it. She's so picky!!

When I did meet up with my college friend, he wanted to see a movie. So we went to see "The Day the Earth Stood Still" starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly. Visually appealing, but the original is much better. And I've sort of grown disgruntled with the politically correct environmentalist messages in movies since "Happy Feet" with the jiggity penguin. But it's always great too see my friend. My gifts to his girls were not repeats, so I was happy for that. They both seem to be perpetually stuck in Hanna Montana and Dora the Explorer mode. I can't wait for them to grow up a bit more.

The drive back was a Nascar driver's nightmare. Traffic on the NJ Turnpike was 10-20 mph if not a dead stop. I swear every state has raised their tolls again. Seems to me, if the roads are that congested, that I am not getting my money's worth and I want - at the very least, a discount. Try saying that to a toll-booth operator. You'll make his/her day. So since I was sitting still so much, I rolled down the car windows and uber-blasted my music. My present to myself I suppose, and I got plenty of nasty looks. Ho Ho Ho. On to a new year folks, thanks for sticking with me. *subliminal message of positivity: I'm happy to be back to work, I'm happy to be back to work, I'm happy to be back to work*

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from Snow Hell

I have returned from New York. I drove back on Saturday, which I will just assume was the better day to travel and not Sunday. The NJ Turnpike was so durn slow. But for you folks that are needing a snow fix, glance above. That is snow covering the compact cars in the parking spaces adjacent my family house. And I was thinking it sucked to be me in the NY snow. On Sunday I just relaxed and didn't feel like blogging. Tonight I got home fairly late, so this is just a note to say "Hello and I know you missed me!" More about my vacation later.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Be Excellent To Each Other

I have not been home for a Christmas with my parents in well over 5 years. I dread snow, and what am I driving right up into? ...Bleck! But my folks seem to be excited about my arrival, so I will perservere through the treacherous weather. I thought that I might be able to get to meet Sean/Breenlantern this go'round but I have a jam packed visiting schedule with family and friends from college that have not seen me for a while. And they truly need their fix of the Thomas. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas week and focuses on the festive and social gathering aspect. You'll hear from me in about a week. Enjoy each other's company and be excellent to each other.
Merry Ho Ho Ho !!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas Damn it!

Best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral, winter solstice holiday, practiced with the most joyous traditions of the belief persuasion of your particular choice, but with no respect for the religious persuasion of others who choose to practice their own beliefs, as well as those who choose not to practice any belief-system at all. Additionally, a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the generally accepted calendar year 2009, but not without due respect for the calendars-of-choice of other cultures, whose contributions have helped make our society great, without regard to race, creed, color, religion or sexual orientation.

(Disclaimer: This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for himself or others, and no responsibility for any unintended emotional stress these greetings may bring to those not caught up in the holiday spirit.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Butt of Jokes

d'oh, she said "GoaD" !!

Would I do that Ms. Indigo Orion?

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well this certainly is no post about the mystical powers of the moonstone. It's about my sister, probably the hardest person I know to buy a gift for at any time. I have bought her gifts that she has wanted, loved, desired and had-to-have. And she's always ended up not liking, using or wearing any of them. But two years ago I bought her a pair of Irish design moonstone earrings. She actually said she loved them. So last year I got her the matching necklace and she said, "ooh this will go well with the earrings."

This year she's getting the matching ring. I was nearly horrified that I couldn't find the right moonstone opaque yet clear and blue consistency. (sort of like the pic) Oh there were fully white moonstones. There were moonstones with sparkles. I rather liked the moonstone with green speckles in it (imagine that).

I was a bit frustrated. Until I saw that some rings were situated in their resting spots wrong. So I picked through them to see what they were. I found it. The perfect moonstone to match her earrings and necklace. Gosh I hope the ring size is right!

Now I'm out of ideas for next year. Back to square one, hoping that I can land a winner. But that's next year. I have momma taken care of as well, and Daddy's confection is on order. My Secret Santa/White Elephant gift is solidly in hand.

I've got this Thursday and Friday off and all of next week. I'll be heading to New York to spend time with the parents. I have not been home for a Christmas in over 5 years. I hate snow. I love it, but I despise it. And where am I headed? Right into to hell. (oh wait, that's Ohio)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bucket Power

I'll have to admit that the Full Moon won. I was in touch with the werewolf within, but the moon was just to powerful. I succumbed to the bucket power. I was more Gleek today than the Wonder Twins. I was meant to be more of an assistant, helping others with their issues than being able to tend to my own work. I do like that part of my job, but gee whillickers, not today. I had two really enormously messy cases I needed to resolve today but only completed one. All day, I had this one case spread across my desk and I kept hearing from everyone, even my boss "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need your help". And really, I can't say no. NO REALLY, I can't say NO! Especially when the other skilled counterpart was out today and our new hire is still learning.
So today I spent shifting my work aside to delve into the myriad messes of other folks. They were wonderfully messy too. I would pretend to be Gleek. Being pleasant and joking along to make things not so stressful. I would activate my bucket power (create a bucket out of thin air) to help the situation along by carrying the "problem" to safety. The problem would go away and I would deactivate my bucket power and get back to doing what I was doing. I'm not sure how many times I pulled a bucket out of thin air but I got tired of finding it. What I really needed was my Twin to show up so I could say "Wonder Twin Powers - Activate!" so that my twin could turn into a Guardian Gorilla, or some such nonsense to play bouncer so I could turn into a water hose and wash my problems away. Alas, all I could manage was to tap out a two page letter with my prehensile tail and call it a day.
However, today was Friday (+1)
and, today was payday (+1) = 2
AND, I was blessed with MORE Pecan Pie Mini-Muffins (+1) = 3
I know that's not how baseball works, but I consider THAT a home run. *WOOT*
Thank you mysterious PPMM friendly unnamed person.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fierce Friday

The weather has made posting this entry a pain in the ass. I'm on dial-up and the rain is just making everything react slow. Even my brain feels a bit foggy. OOH Oooh Fog - durn if my car windows weren't so foggy today that it even took the heater some time to cut through the thickness. Yes I could have wiped the windows, but then I would have had streaky windows and I just despise that. *anyone that has seen my windows with Solomon's snot all over the passenger window can keep their traps shut, thank you.* Well none of that is what I'm actually wanting to yadda-yadda about. Tomorrow - Friday, or maybe Today, your now-Friday will be a Full Moon. Can't you feel it in the air? I can. My knuckles are getting all tight and my shoulders are getting achy. Good thing too, because I need the wolf to break free on Friday so I can have one fierce day of attacking my work like I had last Friday. Two days off this week has put me behind a bit. So, while I didn't have to stress over last weekend's long weekend, since I work on a rolling calendar work volume, as the days roll along the work can catch up to you. Sort of like driving with cruise control and not paying attention as much as you might should, when the car in front of you has not used their brakes, yet slowed down. Oopsie, cars on top of you all of a sudden. That's how our work volume gets. Well, here's to having an AaauuUUUWESOME Friday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pecan Pie Mini Muffins

Remember Fivel the mouse and the song "Some where out there". Well that's who I imagined myself to be and what I felt like singing forlornly when I finished the last of the *ever so few* pecan pie mini muffins that were shared with me. I cannot in good selfish conscience divulge their source locally (no, I cannot and will not). All I know is that my diabetic hind-halves would very graciously appreciate another *precious few* along with any crumbs that might be lingering in the bottom of the baking tin. uh oh, now I'm feeling like Gollum because I'm coveting the precious round bits of goodness.


Monday, December 8, 2008

All I Learned from Santa Claus

Okay, well... I didn't learn THAT!

But I have learned

  1. Encourage people to believe in you.
  2. Always remember who's naughty and who's nice.
  3. It's as much fun, or better, to give as it is to receive.
  4. Some days it's OK to feel a little chunky.
  5. Don't pout.
  6. Make your presents known.
  7. Always ask for a little bit more than what you really want.
  8. Bright red can make anyone look good.
  9. Wear a wide belt and no one will notice how many pounds you've gained.
  10. If you only show up once a year, everyone will think you're very important.
  11. Whenever you're at a loss for words, say, "Ho Ho Ho!"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday's End

I thought maybe I was going to have to re-post Torchic because I was a bit puny when I got to work. But as the day progressed I evolved into Combuskin and by time mid afternoon arrived I was on fire and fully evolved into Blaziken. I did have several battles during the day but I was able to defeat my challengers. I'm down to a handful of major issues to manage rather than the horrendous mess I did have. I can rest peacefully on my 4 day weekend. As Blaziken would say, "No one gets the better of me at kicking!"... some assage.

Crappy Winter Seasonal Festive Gifts

You Are a Self Help Book!

While your advice is not always welcome...
It's always right on target.

Wow, that's really accurate.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I am in no mood for anything to get in my way today. Attempt battle with me and you will go down. This is a 4 day weekend and I plan on kicking some serious assage on my workload. Do Not Mess With Me. Just get out of my way. Or, deal with the consequences.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Which Reindeer Are You?

I'm Comet

A total daredevil, I'm the reindeer with an edge!

Why I'm Naughty: I almost gave Santa a heart attack when I took him sky diving

Why I'm Nice: I always make sure the sleigh is going warp speed

Oh Gosh, this better not be like a fortune cookie or I'm destined for a speeding ticket.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Start the month of right

Let's Say Thanks
Support Our Troops Always
All year long is a good time
But now, is a thoughtful time.

Verified on Snopes.com