Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Dream

My recent struggle with death left me having some odd dreams. What? ...I felt like I was dying. One of the dreams I had involved my demise. My gut wrenched, intestinal twisting and bacterial infested corpse lay serenely next to some old tree. As time passes I decay and wither away into the ground. The following Spring I am risen renewed in the form of mushrooms. A copious mound of brown mushrooms. All of you visit but don't stay. You reach out to touch me to say hello, but you pull away. The creatures of the land walk by me or around as if to avoid me. I am poisonous and you all recognize my healthful status. And the dream ends.
Well I have to tell you. That is actually how I felt. Not even my dog wanted to be around me. Frankly, I stunk. I showered - long hot showers are wonderful when you can muster up the energy to enjoy one when your sick. I stunk so bad I forced myself to shower whether I felt like it or not. I'm loathe to describe the stench. I smelled of defecation, but I was clean. I smelled of nicotine, but I have not been smoking. The smell was sour, rancid and oddly fragrant. I figure the fragrant part was from being diabetic and my sugar levels being high. But who the heck knows. Sweet smelling shit, is still shit; and that is how how felt.
Monday I felt well enough to go to work. I did. OMG, I still stunk. I went home for lunch and threw on some cologne to try to feel better about myself.
Today, I had more energy and I didn't stink. I'm getting better. Maybe my shit don't stink after all. *oh yeah, I'm feeling better*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pardon of Miss California

When Carrie Prejean won the title of Miss California 2009, I wonder if the caption should have read, "OMG, this is the last glamour title I'll even win because I'm an idiot when answering questions!"

I could care less that she does support gay married, or believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. That her basis is due to how she was raised. I regret that she does not have a mind of her own. I also feel sorry for her that she didn't anticipate that question in advance. She most certainly could have thought of an answer that was eloquent, supported her beliefs and walked the line of controversy.

Now I'm not saying that I would want to know the truth as we all do now. I just saying that she was basically applying for a nationally/globally recognized prestige position. She should have know better than to stab the question face on.

But oddly enough I'm more annoyed at Donald Trump being the sexist egotistical pig that he is. Should I expect anything less. He also supported and retained the other Miss USA/America tart (not sure which contest cause I'm just not that into it). You may recall she had a drug and alcohol history that could have tarnished her crown. Well that was two years ago and the Donald exonerated her. But on his Apprentic Show, the Kardashian chic got the boot for having received a DUI in California. Trump is consistent that he likes tits and ass, but he sure is not consistent with his business ethics.

Donald Trump - You're Fired !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mixing Evil and Fun

If you haven't read me in a while, you're not alone. I have found a new addiction and it is enjoyable. I get into it when I get home and then it's time for bed. Facebook's Vampire Wars is taking up my time and I like it. Oddly enough, it's sort of like how blogging took hold me when I first started.

And I have Jadielady to thank for both. That Temptress!

Well I'm back and I hope you haven't missed me too much. Though I can think of two folks that have sent out for minor detective work to see if I was okay. Thank you for your concern. Nothing was terribly wrong with me. Other than a recent battle with a tummy demon. But I think I'm conquering that bug. Join me for regularly scheduled programming. Let me know if you want to join facebook and my Vampire Clan.... Come on, you know you want to...!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is Domo, but I'm naming it Pu'Ke' (pronounced Poo-Kay, but it's a fancy way of saying "Puke"). It's in honor of one of my friends and she shall find it sitting at her desk tomorrow morning with some brown M&M's to resemble the actual come-uppance.

Four of us went to a local restaurant on Friday night and we had a good time. I choose to not drink because I was having a health assessment completed the next morning. Two fine ladies were having Peppermintini's. The smelled wonderful and they look like mudslides in a martini glass. Well, let's just say they went down really fast and furious. Both got extremely silly and one made the bad decision to get up from her seat. It was all over from that point on. She tried to compose herself. But found that the bathroom was where the fun was at. And then made the mistake of coming back to the table, one gurgle too early. NICE. Well rather than go home I helped her get a hotel room.

durn, where are cute drunk boys when you need 'em.