Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Black - Darkness - Nothingness

I possess the power to create blackness.
I own a spectrum sucking device.
It is my digital camera.
I have taken a series of pictures on the camera and have finally figured out how to download them to my computer. On the camera, they sort of looked "hard to see." After I downloaded them, they are more hard to see. So the black hole that is my brain is going to have to figure out how to make better use of the camera. There was a somewhat decent picture of me, but I'm to vain to post it because I'm more vain than my ugly mugshot warrants. And I think I look like the great pumpkin. This camera adds 10 pounds to each of my cheeks. (the cheeks on my face, Kelly). You'll have to wait a bit longer for pictures of things that are important to me. So, in the spirit of blackness, here are a few of my favorite black things (click 'em):

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pretty Flowers

Today is February 27th. We are still in the middle of winter here in Richmond Virginia. My Purple Bearded Iris' are trying to make their mark on 2008, about 2 months too soon. The winter has been fairly mild and plenty more cold days are upon us. I am a bit worried that the pending cold snap(s) is/are going to ruin these beauties this year. We'll just have to see what Mother has in store.
My father's family is originally from Greenwood, South Carolina. Home of The Park Seed Company. Since there is an emotional attachment to that area, I tend to buy my plants from there or another site. But today, I support Park Seed, and I thought I might suggest that you do as well. Take a looksie inside.
I'm preparing to plant some seeds in my basement that I will transplant out into my yard this year. I'm trying to get back into touch with my inner gardner. I'll keep you posted as things progress. Who wants to challenge me to a mini garden-off?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DiSaronno Amaretto

Remember this when you think of me for gifting. I don't drink much but when I want something this is it. Enjoy this straight, on the rocks or my personal favorite: Orange Juice, Amaretto and and splash of coke. That is referred to as a Bocci Ball. I don't know if that's the real name for it but that is what I have called it for years.
Work was particularly annoying today so I have enjoyed a bit of this sweet smooth wonder. MMmmmm the best way to take the edge off for me. Join me, won't you?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Digital Camera

Woo-hoo! I'll be doing pictures soon. As you know I'm not the most technically savvy dude out there. My friend Wayne gave me a digital camera much like the one pictured. It's a Cobra Digital Camera with 6.6 megapixels (as if I really understand that). I have taken some pictures. But to my knowledge my computer didn't have any USB ports. I looked, I swear I did. But talking with my buddy Todd tonight I did a little more searching akin to a proctology exam and found an additional port next to my wireless keyboard/mouse connection. Yippee!! Jadie, your scarf you made me is going Global soon. Lookie my new international cluster dots.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Bees have been getting sick and dying. I watched it tonight on the CBS show 60 minutes. I had viewed the show when it originally aired in 2007 and was fascinated by the story. Tonight it was on again, interwoven into a blended show. I was hoping the story would provide more insight. It was the original story with a tidbit of information strapped onto the end by correspondent Steve Kroft, basically stating that the bees are still sick and with scientific investigations ongoing. That doesn't bode well for us.
Colony Collapse Disorder, just a fancy way of saying the bees are sick and dying by the masses is currently believed to be caused by a virus. Studies are being done by infecting more bees with the virus to see if it's the culprit. The virus has been known to be in the bee culture, but as of late had not been overtaking the colonies. The immune systems are suggested to be suppressed by external stressors like environment, pesticides, bee nutrition, parasitic mites and travel.
Travel(?)... not in the bee flying sense, rather the transportation of the bees to farms that are in need of their pollination services. Mr. Kroft interviewed a man that raises and transports bees nationally. I never thought that we needed such a service. But apparently it is a huge business and much required to feed us, all of us. This is just another reason to THINK GREEN.
Food prices are going up ya'll. Plan your shopping trips to save on gas.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Java Joe

I don't drink coffee. But I love the smell of coffee. You brew it and I'll sniff it. Many have tried to get me to consume the rich swill of "bleck" but I just find it disgusting. In my life, coffee was more a drink for men, black - no sugar or cream. Some women in my life drank it with cream or milk and sugar. My nanny used to drink milk with about a tablespoon of coffee and we called it Granny coffee. Now that I'm a full fledged adult with a few years on me I have begun to notice more women drinking coffee. Insisting that it's the only way they can wake up in the morning. Sure, there were women drinking coffee when I was young, but it just seems as though more women now drink coffee. More blending of the gender roles.
Which brings me more to the point of this blog. When I was growing up, the men in my life were masculine manly men. Never were they ruled by their emotions. There emotions were often at the bottom of the list of concerns. At this point in my life I find more men that are "getting in touch with their feminine side." This notion I believe is bullshit, but I like to poke fun just like anyone else. I think men are just learning to be more in touch with their compassionate side. There's no real need for us to act like neandrathals anymore. Relationships are important. Bonding with other humans challenges us to see parts of ourselves that we often ignore or didn't know existed. No more of Tim Allen's "Ohf Ohf Ohf," and more caring for ourselves and each other. I think this is a good thing. I believe it will help us better relate to people. And at times guys, if you're being whiney, bitchy and stupidly annoying... I'll pick at you for acting like a woman.
This one's for you, Java Joe. Drink up!

Friday, February 22, 2008


If you're not a Dilbert fan, you ought to be. My friend Melissa gave me Dilbert magnets for my office cubicle. I prominently display Dilbert saying, "I love my co-workers until they start talking." I am sure you can image just how much truth there is to that statement. And trust me when I say "love," -- it's pure sarcasm. The comic strip has recently been posting some funnies that I didn't quite get until our office assistant provided me this ABC Website . Some where along the line I missed the real punchline.
Can you imagine... well I'm sure you can. The casino fired that guy for posting the comic-strip at his work-place. Well, to be fair, I believe he posted it in a more public spot than his 'private' cubicle. But to think that management couldn't have a sense of humor. Makes me sorta glad my magnets are inside my cube, facing away from public view and are small. To notice and read it, you would have to be on top of it, and me, and bend over to actually read it. I let very few people that close to me at work. But there are a few that are welcome to get closer. I'm sorry this dude got fired for something so stupid. And you'll also notice that I'm not providing a weblink to the casino. I'm not going to advertise for them. Mighty Mouse GL says, "Hell No!" Someone needs to give that dude a job. And someone needs to take a closer look at the casino management and HR to see what they are hiding from. There's got to be some reason their pea-sized brains can't handle employee misgivings; assuming this is the only reason that prompted the firing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liar - Liar

I love my job (still not tellin'). Side note: but I really don't like some of the folks with whom I'm required to work (but that's another blog). Today's topic is about lying and/or being a liar. Yes, I am guilty of lying. But at least I know not to lie about stuff I've said on recorded lines. My job is to fight for the little guy and sometimes the big guy. This issue is about a big guy with a big lawyer who is also his relative. Together, they are whining about a decision they made involving money. Aware that they were on a recorded line, both of them actively discussed all the details that were pertinent to them and the ramifications of various obstacles and choices. Months later they are now complaining about those choices and want to cancel the transaction. Whoa nelly!! The decisions they made were contractually irrevocable, as in no turning back. So... and I love this part... the lawyer, not yet suing, is demanding that we make things right for his client/family member. He sites various details that were not covered and discussions that didn't happen. See now, I have made a point of telling you that everything is on a recorded line. I've listened to all of them. I'm rather enjoying spitting back the lawyer's words and advice that he gave his client. Every last point I am able to say "liar - liar, pants on fire!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm on the basic level of Netflix rentals. Generally I get two movies a week from them. Today I received "Robots." Don't laugh at me, I like cartoons and the like. I wasn't particularly planning to like this movie. So far, I haven't. Not because the movie isn't good. From what I can figure, the movie is a nice little ride. But once again I am in possession of one of their DVD's that is not worth my money. It's skipping and spitting. I'm seeing more digitally spattered pixels and sputtered language, than I am the actual movie. But before you say, "Thomas, just clean the disc." -- I have, thank you very much. But ya know what, it should not be my responsibility to have to clean the friggin disc. And... oh great! One of the only real frames I can see is a robot dancing like Britney Spears in "hit me baby one more time." I'll hit ya, alright! .... super, no sound now. I may have to "Oops, I did it again" and fire another company from my preferred listing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crackle - Zap!

Yeah for new windows this year. But it has brought about a rather unpleasant change to the home dynamics. As you can imagine the draftiness of the house is nothing like it used to be, but I do need to work on the basement areas. Since the house is sealed up much better, the dryness stays in. And that has lead to the constant battle with the crackles and pops of static. It's all over the house, my couch, the bed, towels, the poor dog. It's in my clothes and follows me to work. I've been putting large bowls of water on my radiators to help with evaporation. It's amazing how fast that water disappears into thin air. I must not be the only one suffering. I went to the grub kitty and was looking for Static Guard and couldn't find any. The store manager said some little old lady came in and bought all they had. So I went to another grub kitty and got the last few cans; 2 for home and 2 for work. It has a fresh scent that is not so pleasant to my nose. I can't stand scented stuff. It irritates the hell out of me to get into an elevator after several women have been in it spewing their "beautiful" perfume all over the place; but that's another blog topic altogether. It's taken a few weeks to get the crackle to move on, but this morning it was back with a vengeance. Just call me the Static Guard Cowboy. I'll be hunting down a humidifier this weekend. Yeah, 2007 Bonus' are in!!! Gone.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ick - Bleck - Patooey - YUK

Something wasn't quite right yesterday. Today it was even worse and very noticeable. First I wasn't really feeling all that great. But that wasn't it. Next, I was in the shower and the soothing hot water was cascading over my skin (Thomas it's not that kind of blog...). This smell just kind of hit the back of my nose. It was that sort of ick smell. Then some water got in my mouth and I was overcome with the Bleck - Patooey - YUK, combination smell and taste. The experience was just foul. It happens several times a year. There is only one entity to blame. And I know I should be happy about it. But I just hate it. The City of Richmond has once again thoughtfully added Chlorine to our water at a disgustingly high concentration. Some warning would have been nice.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Murder on CBS

Cheery television is okay. Reality shows are getting on my nerves. And I have finally gotten to the point that I can only take so much of Howie Mandel. So it is with great delight that tonight on CBS I am finally getting to see the Showtime creation: Dexter. Some of you well know that I don't have cable tv. I can barely get the normal channels with my "ears." So I generally just watch CBS and NBC and DVD's. So happy Sunday for me, indeed. The dreadful news is that the new Knight Rider is on at 9pm. Oh well, the techno-car is going to have to take a backseat to murder.
The idea of a main character being the bad guy is awesome. I always thought that more movies should end with the bad guy winning. What would Star Wars have been like if Darth Vader had beaten down Luke. And what if The Spiderman franchise had let Venom kill off The amazing wall-crawler to have his own mayhem movies? And, what would have happened to Star Trek's never ending messing around with the time/space continuum nonsense if they had let Kahn beat Captain Kirk. So, you can imagine that I like the idea of a bad guy lead character. Bring it on Dexter - work your magic.
**After the show: very interesting nice guy/bad guy conundrum going on. There are enough sub-plots you keep you wondering where each layer is going to be peeled away. I can be easily hooked on this show... give me more**

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black Gold

One of my friends sent me an email that I had forwarded to some friends, thinking I'd hate not to send it along if it weren't true. Dork that I am, got an email from a cousin that documented it being a hoax. Yet another cousin of mine sent me an email about Oil/Gas and not supporting companies that purchase oil from the middle-east or other aggressive countries. So, I got to thinking is this a hoax email, and well - it was a hoax. The information was both correct and incorrect. The email/hoax made its point by pulling at your emotions and your bleeding American emotions. (side note: If you are a citizen of the United States of America, you are not American. Let's not forget that Canadians and Mexicans are Americans as well as all those living on the fine continent of South America). I do not want to support terrorists and other aggressive countries either. To assume that Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism is on you. Till you have seen the support for your own eyes or credible sources document such, then it's only an assumption that some people might make out of anger, ignorance or prejudice; take your pick. But if you are hell bent on only buying "american" gas then consider the following businesses as they appear to be your "best" choices:

And possibly - though I'm a bit confused by their corporate organization:

And if you happen to be on the west coast of the USA, then try these:

The average price of regular gas in Richmond, VA is $2.89 as of today. Sunoco is at $2.77 at one location. But - as you "buy american" you may want to reconsider how far you are going to take that notion. Because, just thinking about the vehicles that haul that liquid around... barely a scratch of those behemoths is made of domestic made products. Shall I continue...??

Friday, February 15, 2008

Middle Earth

I know you're out there.
I can see you on my cluster map.
If you visit, please leave a message so we can correspond.
About whatever...
Particularly curious about the large red dot in the middle of the U.S.A.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well it looks like I'm on a food blogging binge at the moment. My mouth collided with the Collisions variety of Doritos:

But you may want to check the actual Dorito's link. Sadly, my computer and also my dial-up connection hinder proper loading.

Tonight I was enjoying the first on the list. Wow, these are fantastic. Food Lion, or grub kitty as it is affectionately knicknamed by several friends and me has had them on sale 2 for the price of one. Run - don't walk. Except you Kelly, I don't want to be blamed for ruining your girlish figure.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Red Lobster

OH YEAH !!! I went to the Red Lobster on West Broad Street tonight and I am sated. This is about more birthday stuff because I was given a $25 gift certificate to the Red Lobster... because I'm totally awesome and Lisa Romanello loves me. I used this card along with the $25 gift certificate that Lisa gave me for Christmas. So I ate rather well on that $50 smackers. And my friend Wayne ate well too, cause he's a very good friend of mine that DOESN'T forget my birthday. We ate like king's!!! We totally did not do dessert, but wanted too.
And I'm stuffed like a crab cake... Don't tell my doctor, or he'd have a hissy.
MMMmmmmmmm, yummy Cheese Bread. Thank you Lisa Romanello. Not too worry, I'll let you touch my butt again soon.
***Almost forgot: Ask for Katrina - That waitress is so nice ***

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Reflex

If you are expecting me to talk about Duran Duran right now then you would be mistaken. Though I proudly admit, I love that band.
I'm here to share this fun little link about your Eye-Hand Coordination. Check out this link and see if you're faster than the sheep. Enter the Reflex.
I'll tell ya, the stinking little sheep are faster than I thought they would be. And there's a few that really goofed on me with Fake moves. I probably played with this 20-30 times. and I never got past the middle rating.
I suppose now I understand my slow reaction time to the rogue gunman on I-64 West near the Staples Mill Road Exit in June 2007. I wasn't quick enough to get his license plate number, but thankfully I was quick enough to not be physically shot myself. Wish I could say the same for my left-side back seat window of my car. And oh yes, since I'm still pissed off about it, the State Police's reaction time sucks as well. It took an hour and a half for them to show up. Add to that directionally challenged. They thought Staples Mill Road was out near the Airport, about 10 durn miles away. Butt-wipes.

Monday, February 11, 2008


My birthday was on January 31st, a few days before I started this blog. I had an awesome birthday, even if a few of my best friends forgot it (CJ, Todd, and Jason). But one of my friends, the lovely Melissa went nuts on me with gifts. One of which was a pair of Black Skechers like the picture above. I had 2 pair prior to this and I beat them down. Melissa and I went shopping at Famous Footwear in the Regency Square Mall. She was shopping I was browsing. Well it turned out she also was shopping for me. I found two pair of shoes/boots that I liked and she made me try them on. No, not made me... rather forced me to try them on. She was planning for my birthday present and I was telling her no, that's okay, I can get my own shoes. Truth is, I feel awkward about people buying me things. She and I agree that it's probably because my parents didn't really celebrate birthdays, but with a card. Woo Hoo, exciting parents, I know.
So, on my birthday, Melissa and I are sitting in Bottom's Up Pizza over on Nuckols Road in Glen Allen (north/west part of Richmond). She had given me so much more than just the shoes, but the shoes are the focus today. I get to the bottom of this one huge bag of goodies and there are my shoes. At that time it hadn't even occurred to me that she went that far. She did, and thank goodness she went with the safe black color.
The first day I wore them was a bit rough as they were firm, not tight, just very firm. I had to give my feet a rest the next couple of days. Day three, was today and by the middle of the day I felt them 'give' a bit and they really started to get comfortable. I really like Skechers but I like Melissa more. Thank you dear friend.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Global Incidents

A friend of mine sent me this link that takes you to the Global Incidents map http://www.globalincidentmap.com/home.php. I was thinking it would be sort of informational. But golly, it really shows you about a lot of messed up happenings going on the world. This just gives a bigger picture of how much evil there is in the world. I go about my daily business, using my turn signal; and I should be paying equal attention to what is happening on my street, in my city, state, country and the rest of the world. The butterfly effect is upon us all. I want to see it coming before it hits me. Another of my friends just said yesterday, that if a disaster happens to befall her, she wouldn't want to see it coming. Not me, if it's coming, bring it face on to me. I suppose that's a little bit of my Mighty Mouse. Though, if a tidal wave falls on me, not much I can do about that. The site has other links to different maps that you may find interesting as well.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Turn Signals

Generally speaking this picture is of a car turn signal. I know you may be shocked. But these decorative glittery things do exist. If you are aware of their existence and you live in the City of Richmond and it's surrounding counties you may be interested to know that they serve a purpose. They keep drivers like me from slamming into you at 85 (excuse me, 60) mph. These ornamental devices have the ability to advise me in advance that you plan to turn at a 4-way intersection and that I should move into a respective passing lane (having used my turn signal in advance). It helps me to move on, rather than sit and wait on you to turn while all the other Nascar fans speed by us both, just sitting there with you talking on your cell phone.
The turn signals work rather simply. There's generally a bar near your car steering wheel (fairly close to your chest or belly) that allows you to alert others to your intent of a directional change. It's also a courtesy, like a request and/or thank you for the privilege of being able to alter your direction. It's easy really and the effort takes very little strength. Humor yourselves and give it a try. You may find that it brings you inner peace. You may find that other people aren't honking at you so much.
I do know that if you don't use your turn signal, I will honk at you for an extended period of time. I do know that I won't let you in front of me, mostly because you're not asking politely. You're just being rude, and rude begets my 10% evil side and I will speed up to not let you in when you are in more of hurry than me. I will lay on my horn if you did not give me advance notice to get in another lane. And if you really made me mad, I will probably give you the finger.
So why am I kavetching? I went out this evening to run an errand. On my return home, one of Richmond City's finest decided to get in my lane without using his left turn signal alerting his intent to get in front of me. No sirens, nothing from him to say "hey, I need to do this." He missed hitting me on Chamberlayne Avenue by inches. And yes, he got the full blast of my horn. I can't even count on the police to obey by common decent courtesy laws. Heck, I can't even count on them getting the prostitutes off my street unless the mayor makes a brief visit. But I digress.

Bathroom confessional

While poking around on the blogs of other folks, I found this quirky questionaire courtesy of Life's Colorful Brushstrokes:
  • While sitting on the ‘john,’ does your ‘thang’ occasionally go for a slight dunk or swim?
  • Is the toilet paper roll hanging with the open end to the outside or inside of the wall?
  • When releasing said #1, do you grace the throne by standing before it or sitting upon it?
  • Is your TP single-ply or cushy two-ply?
  • This may be TOO MUCH INFO but I just have to ask - one swipe to call it ‘finito’ or multiple?
  • Do you dwell on the ‘john’ reading the newspaper/magazine or make a quick exit?
  • Does that moment in the ‘john’ bring a degree of clarity?

So of course it begged to be answered:

  1. Not in the morning.
  2. Outside, because it's easier to avoid the hanging-chads. If I'm OCD about anything, it's those.
  3. The supreme commander of the universe sits at his throne.
  4. I'm a 2-ply guy. There's too much danger in using single. But I avoid too much cushiness because that stuff tends to leave behind renters.
  5. Very rarely have I been visited by the ghostie-poos. Multiple is reassuring.
  6. Depends on the urgency, but normally I've got some goofy material to read.
  7. It's better than a snickers candy bar.

And, you may be wondering if my posts are going to have a central theme of the nether-region. Because, recently I posted about *poofs.* While I hope not, I will tell you that I did succeed in my Bean mission thanks to friend Wayne's Chili. Day One - no problem. Day Two - Man I was giggling all day long. And oddly enough I didn't even need scented hand lotion.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Are You Fruity?

This cracked me up. Enjoy, and find your Fruit.

I am a Banana

I am mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside. People find it really easy to get along with me. I suit most tastes.

I'm very sweet and not boring or ordinary. I have an attraction to the exotic, and I could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

I'm spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around. I'm also quite funny. My sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits me well.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sub Vets Memorial

NYS Submariners Memorial Foundation

NYS?? But Thomas, you're in Virginia. Well I'm originally from the fine state of New York. I specifically hail from the tourist city of Saratoga Springs. The Albany-Saratoga Sub Vets Memorial Foundation, Inc is a Not-For-Profit Corporation and Museum and a 501(3)c tax-exempt organization. The Foundation has received a provisional Charter from the NYS Education Department as a Foundation and Museum. They request support of the Submarine Veterans in the Albany, NY Capital district to help build a Memorial and Museum in tribute to New York State Submariners. This will benefit the purchasing of a museum site, construction of a building and a memorial site for all NYS submariners who have died and the collection of museum artifacts and for documents that will be available for research. The museum, memorial and the research documents will be available to the public. You can help by becoming part of the worthy effort.

Their membership includes men who have served on submarines from WWII to the present. Associate membership includes any person who has served the submarine force in construction, training, operations or in any capacity, which assisted the submarine force. They are dedicated to ensuring that this vital force is remembered.

I'll probably write about this as an ongoing effort. This is a worthy cause to recognize these men for their efforts to protect our country. My father was a navy man and is part of this effort. Just because you're not in New York, doesn't mean that you cannot support the cause. Thank you for your consideration.

Check it out: http://www.albanysaratogasubvets.com/

Contact: Al Singleman Jr., Foundation Chairman 518 399.4810

Albany-Saratoga Sub Vets Memorial Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 4150

Schenectady NY 12304-0150

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love Your Inner Tigger

The 7-day countdown begins to get your lover something special. You still have plenty of time to make those reservations to your favorite restaurants. What is your partner's favorite gift to receive; flowers, candy, massage, Macy's Gift Card? Well there is time for that as well. Most guys will wait till the last moment. Not because they don't care, but because many are not romantically inclined. They have difficulty knowing what romance is. Don't we? Let most of us shake our heads up and down now -- that's good, feels awkward to admit it doesn't it.

I'm a romantic. I know what romance is and I like to be that way. *Giggles* but I'm one of those lucky fellas that likes to be a loner. How about that for irony. I've been in relationships. A couple long term, mostly short term and thank goodness for the really brief ones. Last year I had a brief and frustrating relationship at Valentine's Day. So I'll be happy to celebrate it with myself and not some annoying whiney asswipe.

Go spend your money. Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!
hoo-hoo hoo hoo !!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Okay, so you might want to read this http://knox.villagesoup.com/rewrite/108448.htm first. A co-worker sent this to me because we had discussed this topic. For example, how women have silent farts and men are loud. One recent question brought to my attention is do women use scented hand lotion to mask their *poof,* and I thought "really now." And I giggled about how to poll the women in the office to see if this is true. I decided that I would get a rather skewed survey to the negative. As if they'd admit that to me.
Of course this article was sent to me in humor and to benefit our continued fun conversations. If you've never farted, raise your hand. ...put your hand down - liar.
What stymied me was how the school reacted. By declaring "intentional farting" as nuisance behavior punishable by detention seems terribly silly to me. Now they have all the farters together in detention. They have just created a Fart Fraternity. They are teenage boys looking for THE biggest fart, for heaven's sake. What a better way to prove who is best than to put all the little blow-holes in one room to have a community contest. All those higher learning degrees sure have gone to good use. Educators, more like instigators. Yes, let's draw attention to our deprave intentional farters. I used to manage a college residence hall for women. Please, the bathroom had used tampons all thrown around. Those teenage boys are simply being silly. Had the wind just blown over, they would have moved onto other atrocities.
I'll have beans for dinner on purpose. Let's see how much I giggle tomorrow.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls were to perform at Richmond's Byrd Theater on Wednesday February 6th. The concert has been postponed due to illness. While I regret that one or both is sick; I am actually relieved because now I can plan for their new date to perform. That day has not been scheduled yet, but I'll be all over it.
When I lived on the outskirts of Atlanta (in my really sexy days) I was one of their hidden groupies. When they were just "coming out" so to speak, I went to all of their local jams which often included performances by Kristen Hall and Wendy Bucklew. If you're not familiar with either of those ladies, then I suggest that you get familiar. While I'd like to put some of their music on the blog, I'm still a novice and well - I just don't know how to do that yet. And, shame on me - I use dial up. It would take me forever and a day or two. So, I'll be haunting http://ticketstobuy.com/store/ to see when the Indigo Girls are re-scheduled. On that day I'll be "Closer to Fine," especially if they sing "Chicken Man" for me.
*slaps my hand for not knowing they were scheduled in the first place - shame on me.*
Amy and/or Emily, get better soon. Tablespoon of honey...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Amalgamated Mantra

Here he comes to save the day,

in blackest night or brightest day.

In evil’s sight, there’s wrong to right.

Beware this Lantern’s power light,

‘cause Mighty Mouse is here to fight.

Avatar - MMGL

I figured an explanation about my Avatar might be necessary. Mighty Mouse is my all time favorite cartoon character. I've often considered getting a tattoo of the little guy, but I have never followed through on that goal. Maybe one day. Dr. Strange is my Favorite Marvel comic character. But I didn't want to have an avatar that someone might rename to "Mighty Strange." My favorite DC comic character is the Green Lantern. So I super-imposed the GL power ring in Mighty Mouse's hand... Welcome Mighty Mouse Green Lantern (GL).

I'll have to work on my Mighty Mantra and Amalgam it with:
  • GL Mantra: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!” and the
  • MM Mantra: "Here I come to save the day, that means that Mighty Mouse is on his way. Yes sir, when there is wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the fight. On the sea or on the land, he gets the situation well in hand."

I'm open to suggestions, so if you have anything creative let me know. Yes this is one effort to be interactive. Also, the avatar didn't "stick" to the blog overnight and I'm not sure why, any thoughts on how to get him to be permanent?

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hello, welcome to my universe. My name is Thomas. The blog title refers to a phrase my father used to say to us as we were growing up and becoming responsible young people. I have taken it with me as I ventured into my life of ups and downs. Home is now Richmond, VA but I have lived in many of the east coast states. I'm 42, single, own my own home and share it with my dog Solomon, a German Shepard. I will blog about most things probably; sometimes serious and other times to play devils advocate. My interests vary and I'm open to trying new things. If I'm not interested, I'll tell ya. But it might mean that I'm not interested "now," I might be later. Here's to you getting to know me over time, and me you. If I already do know you, you are indeed fortunate.