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Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pardon of Miss California

When Carrie Prejean won the title of Miss California 2009, I wonder if the caption should have read, "OMG, this is the last glamour title I'll even win because I'm an idiot when answering questions!"

I could care less that she does support gay married, or believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. That her basis is due to how she was raised. I regret that she does not have a mind of her own. I also feel sorry for her that she didn't anticipate that question in advance. She most certainly could have thought of an answer that was eloquent, supported her beliefs and walked the line of controversy.

Now I'm not saying that I would want to know the truth as we all do now. I just saying that she was basically applying for a nationally/globally recognized prestige position. She should have know better than to stab the question face on.

But oddly enough I'm more annoyed at Donald Trump being the sexist egotistical pig that he is. Should I expect anything less. He also supported and retained the other Miss USA/America tart (not sure which contest cause I'm just not that into it). You may recall she had a drug and alcohol history that could have tarnished her crown. Well that was two years ago and the Donald exonerated her. But on his Apprentic Show, the Kardashian chic got the boot for having received a DUI in California. Trump is consistent that he likes tits and ass, but he sure is not consistent with his business ethics.

Donald Trump - You're Fired !!!


Michael said...

I'm with you...you're fired has a nice ring to it.

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