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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, June 1, 2009

The break is over

I hope the artist can deal with my editing his shouts.

I've needed a break from blogging. I have been really moody and I didn't want to put that energy out into the universe. Well, I did - but I just didn't. I still feel that way. And then I got my Intestinal madness and bacterial Michelin Man disease. Which by the way is not entirely better. I'm struggling with the recovery. My intestines feel as if they are bloated (they are) and extend around me by a foot and down (they don't, but I am wearing my fatman pants). I feel constipated, but I assure you that I am ooooh so very NOT. And I'm moody... but I digress.

So today was back to work after a week away. Away from work, but around. And boy did I get pissed right the fuck off and shit for business got done today. (not true, but felt like it.)

Last week I attempted to make a purchase online with my Wachovia card. I admit it was a purchase outside my norm. It was declined. Okay, that's fine, I understood that. So I called Wachovia to clear it up. I talked with a rather nice guy that asked me the usual security questions and all was well and I could make my purchases. OOOOH No the hell I could not - still declined. Called Wachovia back and could not get the nice guy I talked to. But did get a nice lady, who wasn't the most helpful. So I asked for a manager - it was resolved. Well that seemed so nice and "too" easy. It was.

Between Thursday and Friday I made multiple attempts to resolve this matter. And then all of a sudden it seems the tables turned against me. I became the culprit. I was being treated like I was attempting to steal (identity theft) myself. I was being asked questions that were beyond the scope of the normal security questions. What the hell was this? And all reasonable help to be able to make a $100 purchase from my pitiful $3000 of savings became a battle for my identity. Rest assured that over the weekend, I spoke with a Wachovia rep that was indeed less helpful but assured me that I could make my purchase. Again, no..... declined.

So today, I was not a happy camper trying to make my 'simple' purchase. I spoke with a supervisor. You know the kind with the sugary soft sultry calming voice. Well frankly she didn't realize the prick she was talking to. Because I can be nice, and equally sugary with a ton more sarcasm to back it up. She wanted me to answer additional questions that I found to be harassing and NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. She wanted me to tell her what type of Truck purchase I had attempted within the past 5 years. She named my a person in my life and wanted to know my relation to her. She named another person in my life and wanted to know my relation to her as well. Answering these questions would have allowed me to get her, to release the funds to make the purchase. 5 days later, she asks me these additional security questions. See I not only have a problem with the additional intrusive security questions that I find to be customer service harassment (apparently allowed under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act - Regulation "E"); but I also find it frustrating that 5 day prior I was the same person (Identity thief or NOT) and allowed to have access to my money.

The kicker to this whole Bitch of a situation is this... Since I refused to be the monkey they wanted by answering their additional security questions, Ms. Bitch locked up my $100 AND the remaining balance. (Insert even more colorful epithets right the fuck HERE.)

Welcome back to blogging Thomas.


Tom said...

I just had a similar situation with Suntrust... After the 3rd call (without a resolution) I drove over to a branch and pulled every dime (all 30 of them, hehehe) out of my accounts with them, and now bank with "WallyWorld"...

readjkv: the fine print at the bottom of your banking agreement that says "the bank" is entitled to know more about you than you know about yourself...

Jadielady said...

This is why I love our credit union. And HATE WACHOVIA. They're assholes and bastards and will do everything necessary to hold onto your money and make it look like your fault.

Michael said...

LOL...welcome back Thomas :o)