Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, February 27, 2009

Green Light

I am a Green Light

I take life at a fast pace. usually
I act quickly and decisively.

I have good instincts and trust my gut. always
I'm confident and brave.
and impulsive

I am determined and ambitious.
definitely determined
I don't allow myself to waste time.

It's no surprise that I get a lot done. oh yes it is
I am efficient and productive. bwah ha ha ha ha


JJ said...

See this is why I hate driving on the highway to get to work. anytime I can avoid it, especially during that time is a good thing. Of course I am not working so when I go out, there are all the people out there that really take their sweet time to get anywhere. They wait til all of us are safely at work before they go out.

Bah, I am writing this comment on the wrong blog, but I am tired... so there. Green means, GO. Or as MM says in the back of the car, "Come on, JACK!!"

repsi- drinking cola continually

Tom said...


email me re: house info...



choli - a slower way bacteria (email/echoli) get it?

Nobamagirl said...

You took this quiz over and over until you got the answer of Green Light because you like the color green? Right?

HaHa...Just kidding.

BTW...I took the quiz and I am a yellow light...even though my favorite color is RED.

Michael said...

I'm a green light too...do you think this will help me fight my traffic ticket next month?!? (Judge, I'm a green light, so I don't need to stop for red lights. Thomas told me so! LOL)