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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well this certainly is no post about the mystical powers of the moonstone. It's about my sister, probably the hardest person I know to buy a gift for at any time. I have bought her gifts that she has wanted, loved, desired and had-to-have. And she's always ended up not liking, using or wearing any of them. But two years ago I bought her a pair of Irish design moonstone earrings. She actually said she loved them. So last year I got her the matching necklace and she said, "ooh this will go well with the earrings."

This year she's getting the matching ring. I was nearly horrified that I couldn't find the right moonstone opaque yet clear and blue consistency. (sort of like the pic) Oh there were fully white moonstones. There were moonstones with sparkles. I rather liked the moonstone with green speckles in it (imagine that).

I was a bit frustrated. Until I saw that some rings were situated in their resting spots wrong. So I picked through them to see what they were. I found it. The perfect moonstone to match her earrings and necklace. Gosh I hope the ring size is right!

Now I'm out of ideas for next year. Back to square one, hoping that I can land a winner. But that's next year. I have momma taken care of as well, and Daddy's confection is on order. My Secret Santa/White Elephant gift is solidly in hand.

I've got this Thursday and Friday off and all of next week. I'll be heading to New York to spend time with the parents. I have not been home for a Christmas in over 5 years. I hate snow. I love it, but I despise it. And where am I headed? Right into to hell. (oh wait, that's Ohio)


Jadielady said...

Hmmm. You could always purchase a gift certificate for a piercing and then you can just alternate that and more "earings" each year :)

indigo-orion said...

I like Jadie's idea.

what do you mean Ohio is hell??! You do these things just to goad me.

Just because you didn't venture beyond Hiram isn't my fault.

Szalay's Sweet Corn Farm
Grabham's Chocolates
Crest Bakery
Cuyaholga valley Receational area

and those are all within 30 minutes of each other.

Looking forward to returning in february so MM can have some snow.

Michael said...

Ok, how cool are you...she will love it!

Nobamagirl said...

Your work is not done yet!

Next year you will HAVE to locate a moonstone bracelet. I will show you the moonstone on mine when you return from SNOW COUNTRY.

And, don't forget to bring some snow back wif ya.

: )