Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bucket Power

I'll have to admit that the Full Moon won. I was in touch with the werewolf within, but the moon was just to powerful. I succumbed to the bucket power. I was more Gleek today than the Wonder Twins. I was meant to be more of an assistant, helping others with their issues than being able to tend to my own work. I do like that part of my job, but gee whillickers, not today. I had two really enormously messy cases I needed to resolve today but only completed one. All day, I had this one case spread across my desk and I kept hearing from everyone, even my boss "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need your help". And really, I can't say no. NO REALLY, I can't say NO! Especially when the other skilled counterpart was out today and our new hire is still learning.
So today I spent shifting my work aside to delve into the myriad messes of other folks. They were wonderfully messy too. I would pretend to be Gleek. Being pleasant and joking along to make things not so stressful. I would activate my bucket power (create a bucket out of thin air) to help the situation along by carrying the "problem" to safety. The problem would go away and I would deactivate my bucket power and get back to doing what I was doing. I'm not sure how many times I pulled a bucket out of thin air but I got tired of finding it. What I really needed was my Twin to show up so I could say "Wonder Twin Powers - Activate!" so that my twin could turn into a Guardian Gorilla, or some such nonsense to play bouncer so I could turn into a water hose and wash my problems away. Alas, all I could manage was to tap out a two page letter with my prehensile tail and call it a day.
However, today was Friday (+1)
and, today was payday (+1) = 2
AND, I was blessed with MORE Pecan Pie Mini-Muffins (+1) = 3
I know that's not how baseball works, but I consider THAT a home run. *WOOT*
Thank you mysterious PPMM friendly unnamed person.


Michael said...

I didn't delete...the author removed the comment. Now I'm wondering what was said.

I read this whole thing and what do I focus on? Muffins, lol.

JOEY said...

I didnt understand a word you said. I thin kyou want a 2 piece bucket of chicken with a side of gleek. I thought a gleek was when you accidentally spit on someone while you are talking to them. "Oops..sorry i gleeked you dude. I was thinking about lemons and it just happened"