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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

Kelly Stern via earth2karen have shared their "5 things" about themselves. I thought I might do the same. Consider yourself tagged to do it as well. Thanks for visiting!
5 Jobs that I have had:
  • Paperboy - 8 durn years, what was I thinking?
  • Painter - or Superior Latex Application Engineer
  • Friendly's Restaurant Ice Cream server - how much can I fit in there?
  • Residence Hall Director - Women can be sooooo nasty! Men are just slobs
  • Sr. Annuity Specialist - I'm the man!
5 Movies I can watch over and over again:
  • The Year Without a Santa Clause - Heat and Snow Meiser crack me up.
  • The Color Purple - "I think it pisses god off when you pass the color purple and don't notice it."
  • Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang - I just love the car, okay the song too.
  • Star Wars - pick one.
  • E.T. - My mother still won't see that movie because she thinks the alien is ugly.
5 Places that I have lived:
  • Saratoga Springs, NY - born and raised.
  • Greenwood, SC - semi- raised, but mom didn't like the bugs so we moved back to NY.
  • Endicott, NY - home of the hush puppy shoes.
  • Carrollton, GA - I loved the Atlanta area and often wonder why I moved.
  • Hiram, OH - Hell on earth.
  • Richmond, VA - Home.
5 T.V. shows that I love:
  • Ghost Whisperer - her husband is hot!
  • The Today Show - Matt Lauer is Hot!
  • The Unit - The redhead is HOT-HOT-HOT!
  • 60 Minutes - Anderson Cooper is HOT!
  • NCIS - Mark Harmon, again, is hot!
5 Places I have been on vacation:
  • Saratoga Springs, NY
  • ditto
  • ditto
  • ditto
  • ditto - Sad, but true
5 Favorite Meals
  • Mom's fried chicken
  • Mom's loaded pizza
  • Arroz con Marisco's - Mexico Restaurant shrimp and scallops yummy
  • Cottage cheese and peas - What? I like it. And apparently a lot.
  • Chili - the hotter the better
5 Places I would rather be, right now
  • Probably my bed sleeping, but I'm not really tired at the moment
  • Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Saving the Universe as a Green Lantern
  • Making the world a better place with my Mega Millions lottery winnings
  • Raising puppies
Your Turn


karen said...

Great movie choices :o)

Kelly said...

you deal with annuities??? so do i... we must chat... Color Purple... greeat choice... mexico restuarant... great choice...mmmmmm

JOEY said...

Superior Latex Application Engineer... I love it!

Breenlantern said...

Really? Only Saratoga Springs? Suddenly I feel both better about my limited vacationing and worse. Well, if you were in Saratoga now, I'd be with you having coffee and discussing:
* Saving the Universe as a Green Lantern
* Making the world a better place with my Mega Millions lottery winnings
We couldn't watch TV together (of the limited stuff I watch, none of those shows are on my list) we COULD have a movie marathon with al those flicks, but only if we can sing along to Heat Miser/Snow Miser songs (I have the bobble heads, do I win?)

Sorry, I always geek out when I find out I have things in common with other bloggers. Thanks for sharing.