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Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, June 6, 2008

Medical Bills

I love coming home to bills, don't you? I received my phone bill today and was not surprised to see a negative balance. I had paid it forward a month. I also received my natural gas bill. This was not paid forward, but I was still happy to see it not have winter bill figures. Then there was the ominous Bon Secours Richmond Health System envelope. Oh yes, I've been expecting this one since I had to go to St. Mary's Hospital for tests. You'll recall my recent mega-sickness. I'm still waiting for my doctor's bill.
Sidebar: My job is to respond to customer grievances. Not only just respond to them, but to respond in a manner that is pleasant, informative and conveys a sense of regret over customer issues. Now that sounds rather placating and insincere. I try my best to veer from sounding phony because I actually do care about my company's reputation and responsive corrective actions.
Back on track: The envelope from Bon Secours was not a bill. Rather it was a letter. A simple little letter. Oh but it was so much more. They thanked me for selecting them and offered up that they had been in business since 1824. Blah, Blah, Blah. I'd much rather get the bill and move on. But this letter alerted me to the fact that they were in contact with my insurance provider. They nicely avoid referring to my medical experience and debt to them. Then they eloquently establish their confidence that my insurance provider will act in professional and prompt manner. And lest I forget, they also express their confidence in my ability to avoid delays in responding to the eventual bill to come.
I feel like I just got hosed down with glitter and love from the medical mafia. Gosh I hope my letters don't read like this correspondence.


Jadielady said...

*eyes uncross from knitting*
No, your letters do not read like they're written in unicorn pee with glitter poured on.
More like a caring but knowing mama bear is swatting at her cubs for doing something stupid.

JJ said...

why add richmond mayor to the list of tags!?

I have gotten those before too. I am not looking forward to co-insurance *sticks tongue out at company for changing insurance* for the upcoming junk of the month.

karen said...

Hey, just a heads up: I recently was seen outpatient at a Bon Secours facility myself. I got the same nice note you did. About a week later I got the bill. I sat down with my checkbook and I was writing a check for the balance when I happened to notice the fine print. It said that they give a prompt payment discount. If you pay your bill within 30 days of receipt they knock 10% off. But you have to do the math yourself and put a little note on the check. It says that if you pay the 100% instead of the 90% they won't give you a refund later even if it was done within that 30 days. So, if you want to save a little money read the fine print! I almost wrote a check for more than I had to. Hope that helps!