Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Showers

I really don't have much to chat about tonight. I worked some today and did some domestics. I also watched the movie Constantine. I'm not a Keanu fan but I do like his movies, so go figure. Constantine was awesome and fits right in with my view of the world. Ah, just heard the dryer buzz that my tidy whiteys have finished drying. They aren't really tidy whiteys, I wear boxers of many hues. I think they are sexier on me and I like the freedom. Oh, but I totally digress, because I did have a point of writing this evening. The rain has been falling intermittently since Thursday. This was the weekend that I was going to get out to weed-whack and mow the lawn. Well you just can not do that when it's all wet. I head for New York to see the parents this coming weekend. And that yard work will have to get done before I leave. My lawn is looking like Don King's hair. Thankfully, it's consistent with my neighbors.

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JOEY said...

Oh no....not Don Kings hair. You need to break out the mower...STAT.