Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, April 28, 2008


What did I Wonder Today?
  • Why does Thistlewhite have death prickles?
  • Why do I have a Tree growing from my porch steps?
  • Why are their 20 rose blums on my dying rose bush?
  • Why won't it stop raining so I can mow my yard?
  • Why does Wonder Woman resemble a Dominatrix -->?
  • Why am I contemplating going to see the Indigo Girls by my own damn self on Saturday May 31st?
  • Why did my sort-of Ex from last year, call me out of the blue to tell me I was missed, and that dinner and a talk would be a good thing?
  • Why is the BK Steakhouse Burger so darn good?
  • Why is USPS postage going up to .42 cents?
  • Why did I dream Underdog as my "Murphy" Avatar, for when I'm feeling used, abused and down on my luck.
  • Why were the women in the office so quiet today?
  • Why am I reluctant to buy manure for planting my Peonies?
  • Why didn't I go into Psychiatry?
  • Why, oh why, are blue birds - so gay?


JOEY said...

Go see the Indigo Girls. They are great! If you have thought about the "sorta" Ex once in the last year then give it a shot. I have always had a crush on Wonder Woman. I guess cause I am such a "BAD" boy.

Kelly said...

ah hell, just go to the concert... it could be fun.... and i dont know why we blue birds are the way we are... we just are... tee hee

JJ said...

I'll go with you! I saw them in Denver with a friend. LOVE them!

Jadielady said...

1. To keep the gay bluebirds away?
2. Because Solly pooped under it.
3. Because Solly pooped under it.
4. Because you want it to stop. If you wanted it to rain, we'd have a drought.
5. I couldn't find the actual panel I was looking for, but I believe
has all your answers.
6. No worries, JJ will go with you
7. Because you are super sweet.
8. I don't like steak, so I don't know. My guess is crack.
9. Because post-people have to put gas in their little jeeps.
10. Because even when you're down on your luck, you're still a superhero!
11. I dunno, was D not there?
12. Because no one likes to buy things they can make for free. Have Solly poop on them.
13. Because you are meant to be where you are.
14. Because they're so pretty :)