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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Dreams can be freaky
Jadielady posted about dreaming. So I shared my super scary dream I used to have when I was a child. You'd think I'd tell you here, but I won't. You'll just have to bebop on over to her blog to read about it. I once had a dream that I was a member of the Gilligan's Island crew. I also had a dream that I was the bionic man. Both of those dreams were when I was a kid. In college I dreamt that my father had died and that he was at the foot of my bed. My college music professor, a follower of Eckankar, advised me that a dream like that meant my relationship with my father was entering a new and more advanced stage of development. Maybe it was the power of suggestion - our relationship has gotten stronger over the years.
Sometimes I dream in only black and white. But I often dream in color. Seems to me, to say either is a bit strange. I'm not viewing anything with my eyes, so how can there be "color" of any kind. The mind is a beautiful thing. Obviously we aren't seeing anything. Our brains are simply incorporating our experiences into "mind"-reality; from which color is drawn. There's my scientific dissertation on the matter.
Several years back I had a dream that made me wake up laughing. I have remembered it ever since. There must have been something about the news that was disturbing me. It was back when the nightly news-dramas were really hot. Stone Philips was giving a broadcast and so was Tom Brokaw. All I could see were their faces. As TV does, my dream panned away and I could see they were side by side. Even more, I could see that they were giving the news in bed, while naked together. There is where I wake up laughing.
Recently, I had a dream that I was out visiting friends in the country. I stepped out into the back yard and wandered out. So peaceful and quiet in the country. No clouds and I could see the stars clearly and smell the fresh unpolluted air. Suddenly, my danger senses acted up and I could tell I was surrounded but was not able to see anything. I could hear the growls. I discerned that the sound came from wolves. Just as they jumped toward me - WHOMP! I heard the wolves squeal out in pain yelping. I was picked up and carried back to the house. In my dream I could actually feel the running movement and the arm that carried me by the middle. "IT" put me on the house deck and started away. I got up and realized that Bigfoot had just saved me. Thank you Bigfoot!!!
Share your dreams.


Jadielady said...

I'm rather disappointed that you have to dip so far into the Google Image search to find a proper picture of Morpheus

JOEY said...

Dreams can be very strange. I think that I am slightly aroused by the Stone Phillips/ Tom Borkaw thing....


JJJ said...

I have some fun dream cards...

They are fun to peruse