Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fur everywhere

This is not my dog, but a reasonable likeness
I'm not a professional dog groomer. A fact that my own dog is well aware. He does not appreciate being brushed but will be tolerant. Then I discovered that he enjoys being buzzed down. He comes running when I pull out the clippers. Tonight was that night. Man - he has a triple thick coat of dense fur, but it's so soft I almost want to make a pillow out of it. But I'll forgo that itchiness. I have enough fur on my living room floor to warrant another dog. Funny though, I am only half done. My dog is patient with me, but he only let me do one half of him. He's running around the back yard right now communing with the Bad Kitties and looking 1/2 foolish. That's my dog. He's so handsome. I'll get the rest of him tomorrow night.

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jeremy45mcknight said...

Hey my name is jeremy mcknight and my dog turned up missing the other month and that dog looks exacty like mine. his name is galieth and he has a tag in him that will tell us thats him. so we need to meet up so i can check if thats him.

call (512)289-1631
or (512)289-1633