Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, August 18, 2008

Come again?

Okay, here I go...

I was doing my thing, and this time it was at WalGreen's. I was buying a card for a friend's birthday that's rapidly approaching. That's all I wanted. I did get my card, but in the process I got a good laugh out of the lady-cashier. Race cards on the table - she's a teenage black girl. The line was well salted and peppered with a variety of folks from the 'hood. This young lady was not doing herself any favors by not speaking even decent English. I certainly couldn't understand most of what she was saying. She got the hint when the two upstanding ghetto fabulous boys behind me snickered at her. They were making fun of her so loudly that most of the people in the line were chuckling. The biggest chuckle came when she asked (and this is my best guess) "What's everybody laughing at?" What she actually said, if I can phonetically write it out was "Wad e'erbai laf'n et?"
Try as I might, I just laughed out loud. One the guys behind me hit me in the shoulder, because it was so damn funny. He got her good too. He said loudly "E'erbai" laughing at you. Well that was a funny ending to a manic Monday.


JOEY said...

Learning how to speak is overrated. I have noticed that they must not be teaching it in schools lately.

Kelly said...

was this "my" walgreens on chamberlayne and brookland???