Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, August 2, 2008


My friend Shana created her own Superhero and she named it Lexa and then emailed it to me. She is not a blogger, so I told her that I would post it for her. Many of you have taken a shine to creating your own Hero. And I am glad - 'cause it's been a difficult week and I need some giggles and fun.
I ended my work day stressed over a delay in getting a big case completed, waiting on final approval - after that person said they'd get to it "next" a couple of times that day. And I apparently was LAST. But at least I got to see THAT person at the end of the day. And my work week ended on an up-beat. *wink* hee hee.
Just got done helping a friend move (note: I got in at midnight) from a 'not so great home environment' to a well deserved refreshing new start. I wish her and her oh-so-adorable daughter well!
I had kept a fair amount of my friend's belongings at my house. I got to move them to her place all by my lonesome. But there was youthful assistance when I got to the new place. Which was much appreciated. I think my legs are going to be screaming at me in the morning.
Time to kick back and relax a bit then head to bed. Yeah, and a shower would hurt beforehand, I wreak!


Breenlantern said...

send me the photocopies... "I always ask that of all my prey"

Nobama Girl said...

I hope to see Marta-Marvelous on this blog site, soon!

You have been warned.