Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, August 11, 2008


Nice Slugs
I like them. I described myself as a slug to a buddy of mine. The lethargy seems to have caught me and I don't want to let go. Sometimes, doing nothing and gloating within it sort of relaxing and at somepoint energizing. But not quite yet. But I figure if I'm going to describe myself as a slug, I might as well be a pretty slug. I have had things to do and planned to do them. But that's what to-do lists are for. Kind of like a page marker in a really boring book that you don't want to pick up again but you need to. So what's on my to-do list you ask? Because I know you did...
  • Mow the yard and weed - I hate weeding.
  • Buzz-cut the solomonster 'cause he's shedding really bad now.
  • Put up bathroom curtain so prying eyes can't see my bits and pieces.
  • Go see Dark Knight, with or without THEM.
  • De-paper the piles of needful things.
  • Vacuum and de-dusterize.
  • Consider my cable and high speed internet options.
  • Start planning Christmas presents. Thank god Wayne's is already purchased, he and I are going to see Ms. Turner in November - yeah baby.
  • Take 3 days off at end of August to possibly slug some more.
  • Oh shoot I have Dr., Dentist, and Eye appt on those days. DRAT.
  • Procrastinate, oh please - like you never do that.
  • Get back on my exercise bike (this chunky butt and sportin' in public as is).
  • Ooogle at very cute person in office.
  • Remember not to make to-do list too long.

What's on your to-do list?

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JOEY said...

More like my "To-Don't" list. I try to create a list everyday for work and personal stuff but I keep crossing things off and putting them on the next days agenda.