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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The BOBs

The BOBs, the world’s largest international awards for Weblogs, podcasts and videoblogs that began four years ago. The winners of each year’s awards are decided by both an international jury of bloggers and online voting. More than 8,500 candidates were suggested in 16 categories for the 2008 Best of the Blogs. The Winners Have Been Decided. Over 100,000 votes were cast during the BOBs, and you can see all the winners.

I bring this up because Captain Obvious was awarded a Kreativ Blogger award.

I got curious and started back tracking who gave it to him (Nuestra Vida Dulce), then who gave it to her (Life is Beautiful), then who gave it to her (Good Food, Good Friends, Good Life), then I started to think "for pete's sake, how far back must this go?" and then I started to think of the Pert commercial and figured I needed to cut to the chase. I googled "Kreativ Blogger Award" and ran across The BOBs. For which I will just assume sired this mania. It's so easy to groan about our lives inside our individual blogs. What a simple and fascinating tool to say "Hey, you're pretty neato!"

Michael/"Captain Obvious" tagged me to do the Meme behind the Kreativ Blogger to list out 6 things I am grateful for. It's extended by an additional Meme of listing out 6 additional bloggers that I think are neato. He also asks that I do a book Meme that I'll explain later. And yet again he extends the Meme out to include, what amounts to posting a photo of myself using rules. Okay, Michael here you go, for which I think you should post a pic on your blog of your left nipple.

I am grateful for:

1. My Solomon/Solomonster/Silly/booger/baby: An almost 13 year old male German Shepard that has truly been at my side through many fun times and desperate down times. He is one of the smartest beings I have ever known and certainly the most stubborn.
2. My Wayne: Who would have thunk that a blind date could lead to one of the best platonic relationships I have ever experienced. Love ya buddy.
3. My Self-motivated unemployment: I threw caution to the wind a while back and quite a fun job (bad bosses) to job hunt for more security. 3 months of uncertainty later the job I truly value was mine.
4. Positive Mental Attitude: I follow a non-denominational unorthodox Christian belief that for me guides me to make the inappropriate uncalculated irrational and oddly "works for me" impromptu decisions that blurr my path in life. I fall and I get back up. I succeed and I take people with me.
5. My Family: Each member challenges me to embrace the impact they have had on my life. And they humble me to reflect on my impact on them.
6. Wakeful mornings: I'm always happy to wake up each morning. Otherwise...

6 Blogs of note: *mind you it's my universe*

1. Jadielady: Knitter Maniac, kitty momma, and work guru
2. Kelly Stern: 'Cause he's cute and a bit over-exposed
3. Breen Lantern: Mostly because he's a Green Lantern fan, and from my original neck of the woods in NY. But also because he exposes all his failings to the raw nerve and still gets up and brushes himself off each morning.
4. BobMitchellinThe21stCentury: I enjoy his "Slap Sue Storm" posts and myriad of other comic drama.
5. SF Signal: Tons of kool Science Fiction stuff that keeps me in the "know".
6. Earth2Karen: There's something about her blog that keeps me grounded.
6+. Indigo Orion, Sports Nut in Dallas, That's So Gay, and IdiotBoy: Cause she's a super momma, he's just adorable, because I steal from his blog quite often, and because he's simply really nice.

The Book Meme: Open the closest book to you – not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book literally closest to you at this very moment – to page 56. Write the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that. WOW, not a bookworm, I had to hunt for a book that was "near" me...

At that happens to be the Kia Motors 2002 Warranty and Consumer Information Manual. I just know you are all thrilled beyond measures.
Page 56: Wouldn't you know it's blank, referencing nothing for the State of Colorado's Consumer Notice. I guess that state is not important enough for a consumer notice. Well that was fun.

The Photo of myself: Rules - Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture, remember the details and share. Okay I don't have a sixth picture "folder" so I'll have to share just my sixth picture.

This was last Christmas 2007. Wayne's mother gave me a pocket comforter. It's a comforter that folds up into a pillow. And just for her/now you, I got a bit silly with the pocket portion and decided to wear it for her/now you.

Now - I am to Tag 6 other people to do the same. Get to work: Jadielady, Kelly Stern, Karen, Idiotboy, Joey, Sean, Bob (he won't do it), JJ, Cawfeeguy.


Kelly said...

UGGGGGGGGHHHH!!! Damn meme's... i will work on it today... gotta hang lights and stuff... but I hope you have a great Turkey Day!

JOEY said...

Awww SHucks. You are too sweet. Happy Turkey Day-

Your Google Ho

Michael said...

LOL, you are too funny with the comforter, and what a great "grateful" list.

This is the closest you'll get to my left nipple. Mind you, this was about 10 years ago when you could actually see abs. I wouldn't dare post a current pick, LOL.


karen said...

Yikes! That's sweet - what you said, Thomas :o) I'm gonna work on this and I'll get back to you! xoxox - Happy Holidays!

Michael said...

LOL, yep, that was definitely a TMI moment :)