Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smiles - Day 2

Bring on the smiles, Folks!! Just talking to Jadielady she has you all beat. But she needs to share all her Smiles on the blog. Today, while I don't right know that I made the person smile, I'm fairly certain that I did. There's a particular product that I am just dumb as rocks about. I had to call this person's "help" area and she answered. She was more that attentive. She solved my problem for me and got me money for my complaining whiny people. AND she was able to fully explain to me all the issues that impacted the situation to the point that I understood. So kudo's to her. I sent her manager an email of awesomeness and included her in on the email. Her manager wrote back and recognized her stellar performance. I think that put a smile on her face. And for once, I recognized someone other than Jadielady. But she's beyond awesome and she knows that's how I feel.

So get out there and make people smile for "significant" reasons.
Come back here and share your impact on people in your life.
*This post in honor of Thomas, Mr. Grumpy Pants.*


SUPRIH dan ISTI said...

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Jadielady said...

*think* Oh yes, I showed Ellen the progress on her fingerless glove, which I'm almost done on tonight YAY! Um.. what else. I know there were more. Oh I called an agent to let him know I had not forgotten him.
And there's something else but I cannot remember now.