Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Melissa and I went to a house-warming party last night. We were fashionably late and left just before the end time, so not to be stragglers. The home was a newly built house in a cul-de-sac in Glen Allen, VA. Very nice neighborhood for our friends to live in. All the homes have a different appearance yet blend well. We walked in and were so impressed with the open layout. There was no claustrophobic feeling, even with so many folks already mingling. Well they weren't so much mingling as bunched up in their personal comfort zones. We were told not to bring a gift, but we did anyhow. You just don't go to a house-warming party and not bring a giftie. We brought two reasonably priced complimenting bottles of Chilean wine. I figured them for white wine drinkers. They were serving red wines at the party that are on the deep chewy heavy side. That surprised me, so I was glad that I went with a white and a red. Their home was nicely but not obnoxiously over modern. I was rather into the kitchen, probably because mine needs a major overhaul. All the rooms were modestly decorated with very tasteful accents. What I really liked was the spacing of the guest rooms. None were right beside the other and had there own baths. I'm not a real fan of the cathedral ceiling, which this house does have. I just can't imagine myself worrying about the cobwebs that are 20 feet up or more. OH, and the yard was a lush green and big enough for dogs to really run around. Some things are simply more important.
When I got home I looked around and thought "oh boy, this place has a long way to go to get to being nice and presentable." But it will happen later than sooner.
Congratulations on your new home Victoria and Roy, you deserve it.


karen said...

Joanne and I spent all summer looking at the houses with the great ceilings for spider webs and here we are still at our ever so humble starter home. Alas, maybe next summer.

Michael said...

Now you're talking my language...homes...decor...big fancy kitchen...it's like (decor) porn.