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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why Vote McCain


Marie said...

I didn't have had a problem with
McCain, until he chose Palin.

Michael said...

LOL, your word verification is "unkerry." How fitting for a republican :)

Thomas said...

Hello Marie - welcome to my blog.
Yeah, I'm still a bit perplexed about Palin.

Michael - I like how such stuff tickles you.

Nobama Girl said...

I love Sarah Palin!!! She's exciting and real!

And, of the four she is the ONLY candidate with executive experience.

The ONLY executive experience Obama has it when he was working on that Annenberg project with his "GOOD" buddy William Ayers and good old William gave him 50 million dollars to dole out for projects in Chicago to establish an educational cirriculum promoting Social Activism in the schools. Math, and English and Science wasn't as important as is Ayers' social activism agenda.

You are judged by the company you keep...and, I don't like the company Obama keeps.

Change to him means Changing the entire landscape of the United States into the Socialism that has pervaded other countries in the past. Funny thing, though...those other countries are now turning to the right...because they have found out Socialism does not work.

So, all you Obamites...be careful what you wish for...I guarantee you are not going to like having your freedoms usurped.

But, it's all about change ain't it?

Marie said...

She has experience in abusing power at the Executive level. That's not what we're looking for. And she's not "real". She's a pageant queen. That's the definition of phony.

Nobama Girl said...

She's a Pageant Queen because she was trying to win some money for school???

What a snob you are!

And, she had every right to let that guy go. He had that position at her descretion. There were other "things" he was doing that you must not have read about. It just so happened that he was also in charge of the troopers.

So, tell me about Obama's executive experience.

You should visit the HillNews blog and see how many Hillary supporters are supporting McCain, because they think he is more of a Democrat than Obama.

McCain is closer in ideology to President John F. Kennedy.

Plus, McCain CAN reached across the aisles to Democrats all his Senate life..that is his history.

Obama doesn't have a history like that...In fact, he doesn't have much of a voting history at all unless you cound present as a vote.

You don't think he's gonna start reaching across the aisle now, do you? HaHa

And, if you think he will be calling the shots..think again..It will be Pelosi and Reid...straight down the line. Because Obama cannot do ANYTHING without their support.

JJ said...

Nobama girl, contrary to what you think, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid will not be able to do anything without Obama either, unless you'd like to review Schoolhouse Rock again.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly not reached out to "attack" John McCain about his sordid past. He called any talk about the Palin family out of bounds for anyone. (He cannot control bloggers.) He is running on issues, yet all you seem to pull out is the lack of experience and the tired BS about his "pals". You spew talking points straight from the RNC. Thomas asked for reasons to support Mr. McCain, yet you have absolutely nothing in your post to convince people to vote for him. Why is that?

Nobama Girl said...

jj...School House Rock? What the heck is that? Is that the new History they are teaching in the schools now?

Why shouldn't the families be off limits? Palin's children are not running for office.

Heck, Chelsea was offlimits. Why isn't it fair that Palin's children be offlimits, too? As Obama's daughters are?

I'm glad McCain said what he did. The bloggers at KOS were horrible. How does attacking the children help anyone's campaign.

John McCain does not have a sordid past, unless you are perhaps referring to the Keating 5 event. And, he was cleared of any and all wrong doing by Congress.

There is no one, NO ONE who has done more for his country than John McCain. He is one of the most honorable men who has ever run for the presidency. Just ask Joe Biden. If you will remember, Joe Biden said he would be honored to run as McCain's running mate.

The Office of the Presidency is all about executive experience and OBAMA has NONE. Save for representing Acorn in a suit against Bank of America to get them to waive their qualifications for people getting a loan...aka subprime mortgages.

Obama's issues are all about what his "pals" are all about. Don't you get it?

McCain is not who the Republicans wanted in the first place because he was too much like a Democrat. But, I would rather vote for someone who is like a Democrat than a Socialist. Obama is a Socialist in Democrat's clothing.

McCain's issues?

He knows the ONLY way to get this country out of it's financial mess (that the Liberal Democrats got us into) is NOT to raise taxes on small businesses.

I would be happy for him to cut taxes on big businesses, too, to encourage the growth of jobs in America.

Do you know why there are so many companies moving to Ireland??? Because taxes on businesses are so low.

And, you people that want change for the sake of change. Or, because you want to be a part of history and vote the first black man into the White House. He's not even all black, much less an African-American black man.

Or, because you hate Bush and the war.

Well, if you vote for him I at least I hope you are not Jewish, because Obama hates the Jews and will not lift a finger to help Israel is it's attacked.

Good luck..I'm done...actually, we are all done if Obama is elected.

Nobama Girl said...

I found this great example of Socialism that I think young people will understand:

(And this applies to affirmative action as well), is that in the typical classroom of 20 students, perhaps there are four students that obtain A’s, 4 with B’s, 4 with C’s, 4 with D’s and four students fail completely to master a subject. They have clearly NOT mastered the material equally. But in an affirmative action setting and in a socialist state, the “A and B” students are going to be required to accept “C” grades This allows the “D and F” students to also be given credit for C’s and the entire class room is “average.” Afterall in socialism, it’s only fair that all people share in the common capital of one another, intellect being part of that system’s wealth.

Whatcha think?

Are you ready for sacrifice now?

Obama Girl said...

DeMcCrats for McCain!!

JJ said...

well, well, you must be young if you do not know what school house rock is. Try "I'm just a Bill" on you tube.

Fist of...

ahh, nope, not gonna do it.
I am too tired of this to even answer you. You are not worth my time. I just hope your head doesn't explode tomorrow...

Nobama Girl said...

Lookie Marie~

Report clears Palin in Troopergate probe


Released Monday,the report says there is no probable cause to believe Palin or any other state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with the firing. The report was prepared by Timothy Petumenos, an independent counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board.

Where is Palin's " experience in abusing power at the Executive level," now?

Nobama Girl said...


I'm 54 and old enough to know that if Obama wins tomorrow both our lives will radically change whether we want it to or not.

I will be sad because it will be the end of the US of A as we know it.

I still don't know what this man has accomplished all by himself. And, all I know from you is all the things YOU are going to have to do for him to facilitate change.

And, then, God Help Us All.

Nobama Girl said...


I didn't learn my history from a video ...sorry.

I learned it the old fashioned way, from books.

And, I questioned what I read even then and researched different subjects from books.

Now, I do a lot of my research on the internet. I take any of the stories on the news shows at face value.

Sometime you have to dig deep to find the truth about things. You will learn such things in time, perhaps.

Good Luck

Nobama Girl said...


CORRECTION: I don't believe ANY of the stories I hear on the news until after I have researched them. Their source, where they came from...who said what, why...I have a need to know the background of a story or person before I can trust what I'm hearing....a realiable source.

From your previous comments, I understand now that I know more about Obama than you do.

And, that is where we part.

Knowledge is power.