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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Vote Obama


JJ said...

It is not about what he can do. It is about what we can do. It is about sacrifice that we need to make in order to change the direction of this country. It is about changing the way the President communicates with the people. For the last 8 years, we have had a president who whitewashed things to get his way and to distract people from the problems and issues we have in our post-industrial and global economy. We've got mold and no matter how much you paint over mold, it keeps coming back. You have to fix the source. Obama will be a president who is going to wade into the strong issues that face our country and make a difference. And he has done that by asking us to help. He won't and cannot do it alone. He faces issues with his entrenched Democratic Congress that will resist some of what he wants to do. He will face a strong and vocal opposition from the right sounding boards that are screaming "Socialism!".

Nobama Girl said...

Well, it's a good thing he's going to get you to help him do all this...because isn't it weird how this guy doesn’t have any friends that can campaign for him?

No one from K-12, no one from college, no friends from his neighborhood… Doesn’t that seem odd to you?

Guess not!

And, talk about DNC talking points!!!

Whoa, girl..you got them down, don't you?

Nobama Girl said...


If Obama wins the presidency we are all going to be sacrificial lambs, dear...to the USSA.

Nobama Girl said...


Ever hear the old adage:

” Show me your friends and I’ll tell your who you are.” ??

Nobama Girl said...

OH, oh...I found a good reason to vote for Obama.

Obama, a Senator since 2004; his Earmark requests = 860.6 million dollars!!!

McCain, a Senator since 1986; his Earmark requests = 0; that's zero.

So, if you like pork..Obama is the man for you!

How's that???