Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sometimes I tickle myself and often it's for all the wrong reasons. Chocolate - it comes in so many delightful presentations. For some it's a simple candy bar and others are not sated until they have double chocolate with fudge topping. I have a friend that prefers the later. If I do have chocolate I prefer the candy bar (again, don't tell my doctor). I'm actually not a chocolate fan like many people. But I do appreciate the visual display of chocolate. Maybe it's just the earthy brown color. It gives off a rich warm glow. I noticed a sweater on a colleague today that was a dark golden brown and he had on thick brown corduroy pants. It was really nice outfit and the two garments complimented each other nicely. To which I said (and this is where I should have bit my tongue) "You look all chocolaty today!" *and I think I said it a bit flamboyantly*.
It might not have been such a slip of the tongue had the person's pigmentation not been a rich dark chocolate color as well. I turned away not thinking anything of it, then it hit me. WTF!?? And I looked back at him and he just grinned. And I awkwardly walked off into the beginning of my day.

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Michael said...

Funny, my day started just as awkwardly (is that a word?)

I get this phone call with a completely off the wall question that I had no idea how to answer. I was upfront about not really having a clue when the dude on line started jumping all into my shit. So I dished it right back. The next phone call I got was from my boss telling me that some bigshot executive wasn't happy with my inability to help his situation. Oops.

My class is the pre-work for my thesis next semester. I'm studying math - maybe one day I'll be the teacher, hopefully doing a much better job at it.