Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am the Grasshoppah

The first day of training was fun. Thank goodness for the prep-work CD they give you, otherwise I would be feeling mighty stupid. Well not stupid, but in serious need of more brain power. But I'm kool so far. Everyone in the class is alert and contributes. It really bothers me to go to classes and no one interacts. This class is involved and not in a chatty way. The class got out at 4pm and I'd considered heading back to work to get in some email catch up time. But decided against that since I knew I'd be sucked into someone else's work. I had worked until 8pm the night before, so I figured I had some comp-time I could burn; and we're being discouraged from overtime hours at the moment. I got home and it wasn't raining. I was thrilled because that meant I could finally mow my yard. I was so jazzed about getting it done that I mowed the front yards of two of my neighbors. Now I need to find time to edge the trim areas. That's looking funky now too. Susan Powter - STOP the insanity. Everyone have a fantastic Thursday. Special shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Margaret May - She's 2 today.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Uncle Thomas! I like your Diego!

Mommy says we might go to Friendly's tonight!