Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank You Jesus.

I think this is a good representation of my emotions today; colorful yet jagged. Yet not jagged enough to really hurt.
  1. I woke up eager to take on the day, but I was worried.
  2. I got to work and started yawning, and I was still worried.
  3. A relative newbie at work pointed out a rather simple concept that was eluding me. I felt stupid, educated and still worried.
  4. I tried to call a friend that I was worried about and didn't connect, and I worried.
  5. I went for a smoke and worried some more.
  6. I attended a mandatory meeting and contemplated my worriness some more and didn't hear a word our Leader had to say about the economy and it's relative non-impact to our company.
  7. I attended a fun company sponsored walk through of an internal process that a/effects our performance, health and also it's release to external vendors. and I worried.
  8. I connected with the source I was worried about on the phone and I felt better, but concerned. We hung up and then the worry set in again.
  9. At 3:30pm I received a call from her mother that her operation went well and all the cancer was removed successfully. I will visit her tomorrow night since she would have been too drugged up to talk this evening. I have two sisters and she might as well be a third, because I was really unnerved today more than I thought I would be. She's had so many health problems and this was just another awful blow and could have gone terribly wrong. I love you mel.
  10. I went to dinner with friend Wayne. I took him to the Red Lobster because I was jones'in and because I had an ulterior motive. I am worried about him as well. You will recall he was terminated from that clothing store for men that I adamantly request you all boycot. He's not the motivated/ing kind. He's not found another job. So, tonight was a kick in the ass - buy him dinner - and have the "I'm your friend, stop being a fuck" talk. He loved that frickin' company. Way more than he should have. But he needs ME to kick him in the ass to get a groove on. And I'm just the pain in the ass to do it.
I think the Solomonster knew I was stressing a tad. When I got home, he made sure I had his Uncle Wayne milk bones in hand, but he got up on the couch and didn't tear into them. He started licking my face instead, to let me know that all was well... and it is. Thank you Solly, I love you too.


indigo-orion said...

thinking about you... cause I worry when you worry. at least, now that i know you are worrying....

Michael said...

Wow, what a day. I'm glad Mel's operation went well...she's lucky to have a "bro" like you. Wayne too.

JOEY said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on buddy. I hope all goes well tomorrow.