Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back up to the weekend

Thomas what did you do this weekend?
  1. I bought a Dora the Explorer hoodie sweatshirt. It was just to cute to pass up. But I gave it to a 2 year old beauty that is a bigger fan.
  2. I went to her birthday celebration on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to watch her parade around as the most important person on the planet in a bright yellow dress.
  3. I'll secretly admit to the IKEA Swedish meatballs being a particular highlight. (urp!)
  4. Sunday I spent the early part of the day reading the paper and tending to domestic god duties.
  5. In the afternoon I headed over to Bon Air to visit with a chunk of my "Core" friends.
  6. Of course, one friend flamed in on the late side and tried to be the center of attention. I wasn't having that and loved trying to burst his bubble when the opportunity provided the best impact.
  7. His partner was, well... try as he might, he was boring.
  8. We had perfection grilled steaks and the host promptly bit down and broke a tooth on some gristle. And today that host has 7, count them 7 new holes in his head. Not just one tooth needed to come out, but 6 of it's brothers. Just in time to look fashionable for the sexy Las Vegas crowd he's about to rub shoulders with. But right now, he's suffering and spinning from drugs. Lucky bastard. I mean poor dear.
  9. My Monday was constantly interrupted by other people's issues. But I was not to undone by those matters. I was still running on the wonderful fumes of Friday's Fantastic news. One of my co-bitches, gee I did it again... co-workers has accepted a job a decent distance from me. I am elated. Now, if I can find a way to get rid of the (s)motherer, all would be perfect. But I think she on the verge of working her own way out. *dear jesus...*
Hello Tuesday...


Kelly said...

awwww... CORE friends are always good for a little weekend drama...

indigo-orion said...

i am annoyed that I am not a core friend *sticks out tongue*

Michael said...

This past weekend was boring for me, but next weekend...Vegas baby!