Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Last week Wall Street was in turmoil. On Thursday and Friday, part (rather all) of my job was to handhold one OCD customer that needed consoling that his retirement funds were safe. And when I say handhold, I mean... couldn't get off the phone with, constantly had to call him back from all the messages he left me, answer all his financial questions and the like. Granted he has reason to be concerned given his personal issues, but it was bothersome to the point that I was not able to get my own work accomplished. So be it.
Friday night I visited friend Melissa at her home as she recovered from her surgery. She was feeling no pain now that she actually had medication she could give herself. I'm just dumbfounded that her nurses were so uncaring and would not believe or help her. Infuriated is more like it. And I have written a letter to the St. Mary's Chair expressing my dissatisfaction. I'm surprisingly nice in my letter.
Saturday, I was due at a friends house-warming party at 3pm. I fell asleep. I showed up as the party was ending. Which was fine with them because we got to hang and just relax and fire up some Buffalo Hotdogs at 10:30 pm. HA that sounds like I slept until 10pm. I actually arrived at their party at 8pm. But that does equate to a 3+ hour nappy nap. And I have now missed two episodes of Saturday Night Live. I never miss SNL, never.
Someone mowed my lawn for me. I just mowed it last week but it was already needing a shave. I figure one of the two neighbors mowed it for me since I got their back last time. Unless Kelly snuck over here and did it half nekid. That might explain the grass not being bagged.
I'm off now to watch Bette Midler in The Rose. Laziness on a overcast sunny Sunday.


Kelly said...

hmmm... it was all i could do to cut my own grass and manscape... though i will take credit if it means you will be coming to my get-together next week... and get mike and jadieladie here

JOEY said...

Did you go out and bag the grass nekkid??

indigo-orion said...

hmmm... it is nice that you can count on your neighbors.