Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Soooo Am NOT !!!

I am the Daughter

I am very keyed in to emotions. Okay, that's true.

I care deeply and I am quick to forgive others. This very much depends on the issue and the person.

I often get lost in my own thoughts and daydreams. Get out of my head 'bot.

I find it difficult to stay focused. Depends on the "what."

At my best, I am sweet, sensitive, and innocent. Yeah, no!

I bring joy to people's lives. ... and Pain

I am open and expressive. In a take me as I am sort of way, sure.

I love sharing my optimistic, dreamy vision of the world. Indeed I do, and I visualize you all nekid.

At my worst, I feel powerless and like a victim. No, at my worst, I'm naughty and offensive without a care for your opinion.

My fear can paralyze me. Naw, I just squish it with my shoe.

I tend to complain and whine. Hell, if the people I help through my job can complain and whine as much as they do, I figure I can too.

Whether my complaints are legitimate or not, I'm not one to solve my own problems. If I burn the bridge, I own it!

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