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Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'll have to admit that when my colleague at work, Donna, told me about Alien Abduction Insurance, I was skeptical at best. She had introduced the concept jokingly at the Toastmasters meetings she attends. So I wasn't really taking her seriously. But she sent me some information about it and it made me chuckle.
Could there really be Alien Abduction Insurance and who on earth would be underwriting it? Well Lloyd's of London, that's who! You might want to Google the topic. There's a good bit of stuff out there, but I have NOT run across an actual claim being paid. Donna says there have been claims paid. Maybe I need to search some more.
For $150 a year and $1.5mil in coverage, you can be insured for some pretty crazy stuff.
If you have reason to believe that you are about to be abducted by aliens, or someday could be abducted by aliens, this is the option for you. Just make sure you bring along your digital camera or picture cell phone to "capture" the proof. Otherwise, you might find the government doing the probing, post abduction.
So this brings me to a few questions that I have: (Aliens = Extra-terrestrials)
  • Do you believe in alien life?
  • Do you believe that aliens have visited Earth?
  • Do you believe that aliens live among us?
  • Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
  • Do you think you might be abducted by aliens at some point in your life?
My answers: Yes - Yes - Yes - Not to my knowledge - I could be, and that would so kewl!!
Share any thoughts you may have on the topic.
Let me know if you have purchased Alien Abduction Insurance.
I'm outta heerrrrrrrrre....


Kelly said...

Yup, I think ET's exist... I think they have visited... I think they have abducted people... I think it is possible they live among us (and run this country)... I have not been abducted that I know of, but there are those nights I don't remember...

Nobama Girl said...

I believe aliens came down thousands of years ago and started the human race. This explains why the archeologists have been unable to find the missing link.
If the missing link is found tests will show 1-2% of the DNA will be from primates and the rest of the DNA will be of unknown origins, hence DNA from highly evolved aliens.

God, our heavenly father is an alien and we were created in his image.

The "human" colony on earth may have initially been an experiment. But, I believe our heavenly father does care about us.

And, there are probably other "human-like" experiments in other galaxies.

Jerry and I are always looking into the night sky wondering and hoping we will see a spaceship. So, far we haven't seen one, but we haven't given up either.

HE is out there!!!!!