Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now you see me...

Remember the TV Show Soap. The father would walk around and snap his fingers and "think" himself invisible.
I won't be invisible but I will be out of the blogosphere till next Monday or so. I'll be out of town. Well sort of for some of it. While I'll be in town till Friday because I still have to work and all but I won't be staying at my house. I'm helping some friends out watching their house and dogs. Then I'm full gone for the weekend. I won't have access to my computer. Have a great week and a better weekend.
Kelly, I trust your party will be excellent and I apologize for bailing. Enjoy the festivigays. Take plenty of pics and maybe you can insert my head into the middle of a shot or two.
*Snap* *Snap*


Jadielady said...

I LOVE SOAP!!!! Hmm I wonder if its on DVD or not...
waitatic you're LEAVING ME?! No more chatty?? :(

indigo-orion said...

I just happen to OWN the DVD... I will see if I cna interoffice it to you, heh heh

Michael said...

Have a good trip!