Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Recluse Returns

Okay, so I take a few vacation days and the world gets all sexy, crazy nuts. I've been feeling a bit reclusive on a major Rip Van Winkle scale. Not sure if it was all the Olympics that I was watching late into the evenings or if it was me just flexing my grumpus; but I am back and I have a few things to say:
  1. Sleep is not over rated.
  2. Batman - Dark Knight was magnificent. I especially liked the disappearing pencil scene and really enjoyed the hospital scene with the joker-ess.
  3. The husband to Sheena Queen of the Jungle is really a warped and funny man. I tend to think of people in cartoonish images and I haven't found his companion yet.
  4. I love the Pussycat Dolls and currently enjoying "When I grow up" but I don't want boobies.
  5. Politics are gearing up/on the downward slope (pick your poison) so you might as well know I'm a NObama fan.
  6. Sarah Palin - wow, give that man a pacemaker. But it still doesn't make me want to vote for the other team.
  7. I'm a registered Republican. That really means squat to me. I'm more of a Republicrat or a Demopublican or maybe even a Grelibpubcrat. I just AM. I have my preferences, sort of like preferring raw beets over cooked unless it's cooked beets with vinegar. And I tend to like cooked spinach the same way.
  8. I felt the need to spend. so rather than spend BIG, I went to Big-Lots and purchased two things I had been wanting. I bought a new comforter for me ($20 Queen) and for my Solomonster I bought a new doggie bed. We love them.
  9. A major coup occured at the Grub Kitty today. The confirmed bachelor in me desperately needed sustenance in the homestead. Some major shopping occurred. My final total came to $129.04. But I saved $97.69 in coupons. I came so very close to breaking the $100 mark. I'mma coupon MAVERICK. lest you were thinking the other word. Oh, we're going to grow to hate that word.
  10. I'm jazzed that September is here. It means that Fall is around the corner, my most favorite of seasons. I'm not much for Summer, a tad bit too hot for me. But then again, the northerner in me detests snow, so I'll deal. Sorry Marta - NOBama - NoSnowa.
  11. Oh - and thank you for supporting my Jason Lezak fascination.
  12. The Jelly Belly contest is now over as of yesterday and the results will be out soon. I'll let you know what bean is the winner. I know you're just aching with anticipation to get that tidbit of information to keep your world spinning.
  13. Welcome back Kelly and Jeff, Good-Bye Large Tony, Congratulations Married People Karen and Joanne, Welcome home Jadielady, Happy Football season Joey, call me on the iPhone sometime Breenlantern, Do your dishes CawfeeGuy, Wake up Idiot, Focus on your job and MM Indigo, Bob wear a Green Arrow T for me.
  14. MMGL is here to save the day!!! Lucky you's.


Breenlantern said...

Men who mention me on their blog are so HOT! :-)

Jadielady said...

Thank you for the welcome home, but egads *covers eyes* that 4 eyed thingy is wigging me out!

JOEY said...

Welcome back buddy! This Saturday was greatness!. Here is a good game pat from me to you...SWAT!

indigo-orion said...

i am so busy focusing on my job that I am reading your blog at work! Oh well, it is in inbound time...

time to crank up the calls. I am beHIND!!!!