Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nobody Loved Me Today

I cannot remember that last time my work-phone did not ring. It rings all day long. Sometimes I just have to "send to voicemail" to get some peace of mind.

Today was unusual. Not one call, not a blip. I kept glancing over at it thinking something was wrong. It was nice not to be needed.

Ironically, a new function of my job is to listen to people's calls through my computer. THAT was in abundance today. And it sucked.


Jadielady said...

I loved you, I sametimed you ALL day long :) Mostly.

when something is no longer perse, perse.

indigo-orion said...

I'm sure it will be NICE eventually.

tidess: Goddess of the ocean, only comes along twice a day.

Michael said...

We just got rid of voice mail at work...you got it, more cost savings. And I LOVE IT! No more "you have 38 messages" and then wasting time to sort through all of them when the majority are wasteful rambling.