Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shake it off

Okay it's time to shake - shake - shake off the sadness of the passing of my buddy. Death sucks and it need not come visit in my circle for some time to come. But as I get older I know it's just an inevitable course that life takes. But he was 43, too young and simply smacks me in the face of "that could be me!"

Today was a Tuesday/Monday. All the work crazies came back to haunt like old friends. It was actually good to hear from them as it kept my mind busy and occupied. I 'rocked' and accomplished a ton of work today. It was a rather quiet day otherwise. Not much mention of the DC shenanigans. No matter who was getting sworn in office, you would not have caught me there in that madness, even if it had been warm.

The Solomonster was playful and I needed that.

I can't wait for trash day. Probably an odd thing to write about, but that's what's on my mind at this moment. I seem to be overrun by trash, which is not usual. One loosely filled garbage bag a week is my norm. But this week I have 2 bags that are just filled and packed and I think I have a third that needs to be started. And trash pick-up is pushed out a day due to the Monday Holiday. Strange.

Be alive everyone and glad to wake up in the morning. You have yet another day to put a smile on the faces of others, or really piss someone off. Either is fine by me, but just do it, damn it!!!


Jadielady said...

*chimes in* If you could avoid pissing ME off, I'd appreciate it :P
*hugs* I'm sorry about the loss of your friend, but as you said you've got to move on and celebrate life.

Michael said...

Wow, 43 is much to young, but in the midst of all the sadness, you have the right attitude about it. And in a totally unfair, weird sort of way, that has to be some comfort.

...and like I needed any extra motivation to piss people off ;)

indigo-orion said...

I make it a point to never piss people off intentionally. No, I actually don't pull out my car in front of yours deliberately. You just think I do.