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Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jadielady Meme

Jadielady has started a really fun Meme and I TAG you to post it on your blog as well!!

Anytime you leave a comment anywhere, or sign up for anything, and it has one of those nifty word verification boxes, come up with a definition and post it.

For Example:

inmolast - a beauty mark found inside one's butt-cheek.

See how much fun it can be?
Now it's your turn to spread the joy. Tag - You're it!!


Jadielady said...

Hahhaha oh my goodness that's a good one.

The result of getting too kinky with a girl who's wearing body glitter, and you leave a perfect glittery handprint on her ass.

Use in sentence?
"I hope her boyfriend doesn't notice the spankle"

Breenlantern said...

"amoonali" - the spontaneous need to sing "That's Amore" any time your outside under a fool moon.

Did you see that full moon last night? I was in the yard and got hit with amoonali and started singing "when the moon hits your eye.."

Michael said...

Tongle? Oh, I'm terrible at this. Everything reminds me of poop in one way or another.

CawfeeGuy said...

what a cute idea! i'm totally stealilng this!

DISCIZE: a passtime popular in the late 1970's, similar to country line dancing, of practicing aerobic exercise at the discoteque.

JJ said...

eprenout - noun, a bird with long legs and snout like a pig.

Michael said...

LOL...I'm rolling at your comments...I never take risks, so yes, I think I've flipped my lid with this one :)