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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, January 12, 2009


Oh today started out just peachy keen. I think Captain Obvious will appreciate this post. And I know NobamaGirl will love this post. If your even a tad bit squeamish about the bathroom, just skip this post.

I was constipated all weekend. Not too common for me as I tend to be fairly regular. But I just locked up and couldn't get to doing what desperately needed dooing.

So, Sunday I ran out and purchased some over the counter assistance in the form of Senekot. The slow acting marvel that it is. Well, this morning was hopeful but still no relief. Being pee-shy is bad enough, but the other activity is simply a gotta-doo-it-at-home activity. At 9:30 a.m. I had no choice. So I high-tailed it to the restroom and thank god nobody was around. "Peace"

Assume you know what I did and also assume you don't want to know the volume.

Afterward, when I was safely at my cube working on work, I heard someone mention that the the water had just been turned off on all the floors on the upper level of our building. It seems there were bathroom pipes that had burst. Oopsy Bear time.

The bathrooms were shut down all day. The water had been turned off. It would take after work hours to repair the damage. I had a Steve Urkel moment: "Did I do thaaaaaat?"


indigo-orion said...

it was you. It had to be you. That and all the crap forced into the pipes from people leaving.

glad everything came out okay.


karen said...

Hahahaha! Thomas, you're too much.

Nobamagirl said...

I am so proud!!!

Michael said...

LOL...Ha ha ha...ok, this is an "only would happen to me" moment. What a crack up.

If it makes you feel better, I was at work (in college at the time, working as a pharmacy tech) and we all decided to get Wendy's for lunch. I rarely eat fast food (ok, except for pizza) and my 5 star fast food cuisine sent me RUNNING to the bathroom. I did my business and hit the lever to do a flush. NOTHING. The water was shut off to the building and crews were working to fix it. I had to leave the bathroom doing the walk of shame. A little while later, somebody commented on the fact that some loser left the bathroom a stinking mess. I could have crawled into a hole.