Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh Jezus, Mormons

Usually, my front lights are not on and that signals *walk on by*. And on the weekends I can sneak a peek at who has come a-knockin'. Tonight - a Wednesday night - of all nights. An unsuspecting evening of quiet was interrupted by my multi-ding dong ring-a-ling of a door bell. Surely it was one of the neighbors dropping off mail that had once again been delivered to the wrong address. Hail no! I was caught in the net of THEM. Two twenty-ish "elders" on missionary assignment in of all cities - Richmond, Virginia came to my door. Thank you jezus, I was so looking forward to this conversation.

It's friggin' cold out and of course I have on my t-shirt and boxers. It's my door, I'll answer how I want to. One of them begins talking a mile-a-minute and I yadda-yadda with him and give him a bit of my story and want to get a move on. But they indicate they are cold. So I have to share with them that I'm cold too and my heart bleeds for them but I'm not about to invite two strange men into my house. *Hold back the snickers, cause it does get a bit better*

They want me to come to their church tomorrow night. I tell them no. "No?!" they retort, sort of shocked I would be direct. I said "thou shalt not lie!" and I wasn't about to, because I knew - and they knew, that I was not going to show up to their church. We bantered a bit back and forth and I accepted their *business card* if I wanted, I could check it out on line. If you're interested go to www.mormon.org or call 1-800-443-9911 for your free DVD "Finding Faith in Christ".

I assured them that I was a Christian and that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Yes - that just prodded them to talk about SIN. I told them that I was a sinner and had plenty to repent for and that would be between me and God. I got the whole, Drinking (guilty), Smoking (guilty) and a list of others. But I thought to myself - that they left ONE THING off that intriguing list of "don'ts".

*Enter Solomonster: he was in the back yard and started barking. Mostly because he knew I had company and wanted to meet these fine men. He wasn't barking because it was COLD out and wanted in.* Thank you Solomonster for barking anyhow.

I told the men that I had to go - but that led to introductions. Odd that they would give their names at the END of the conversation. But that was more because they wanted to stop by tomorrow afternoon. Ummm - I'll be at work dudes.

So - the one doing most of the talking made a weird comment. That his buddy had red hair. That's only a bit odd because he was wearing a hat and you could not tell in the darkness. But he then said, "ever see a red-headed Mormon before?" To which I said "No I haven't, but he sure is cute!"

Well that ended our little gathering of the minds.
I wonder if they'll be back. They're not strangers anymore.


Anonymous said...

HA ha ha ha HA Bwa Ha HA HA

Two possibilities: They will hi-tail it and never return or they will try to "convert" you from your "sin"....

and that is why I am laughing so hard....

Nobama Girl said...

Aw, poor little Mormons. They was just trying to accomplish their spirtual mission to the church.

I ran into a couple of these fine young men in a 7-11, while I was discussing the presidential campaign with the 7-11 manager last spring. I asked them who they were going vote for because I knew right away they were Mormons.

They indicated they were new in town and did not know who was running. To which I proceeded to tell them how impressed I was with Mitt Romney, a Mormon himself.

They were shocked.

I gave them a few key points about Mitt (the man, by the way that COULD save this country's economy) and then ended the converstation by telling them how much I appreciated all the genealogical records they had collected on microfiche in the 1930's and 1940's.

They liked me!!!

Michael said...

LOL...I need to use that line on the Jehovah's witnesses that come to my door!