Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, January 5, 2009


Tales of Suspense #49 - The New Iron Man Meets the Angel!

I could have posted about a lot of things today but I wasn't really sure what. So I let some Internet surfing guide me. I ran across this cover and I figured it was in part an image of how I feel. Iron Man can beat Angel any day. But here, it looks like The X-Men's Angel is winning. The Invincible Iron Man is in a free fall. A lot of folks at work are on pins and needles this week; many of them feeling vulnerable like Iron Man. We are due for a 1000 count layoff by the end of the week. Everyone keeps asking me what I think will happen, who's going to get cut, when do I think Thor's hammer will fall. As if I'm some Madame Web of the company. It just ain't so. I hear all the gossip that everyone else hears. And some of it I do keep to myself if it's a bit askew of the trend.

I'm wishing everyone powered-up layoff repulsor rays. And if not that, then I pray you have an Angel in the air to catch you.

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indigo-orion said...

here's hoping the angel is an HR person to catch me when I faint.