Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Break Time

I'd like to say this was break time at work but I'd be lying. But one can dream. Back to work today went well. I even navigated the smoke breaks face on. Yep! I went on smoke breaks with the gang. I figure (like last time) I need to face that fact that friends smoke and I will be around it. So I need to force myself to get used to it. Most of the day went well with the exception of 2 things. One, I was in a fantastically boring meeting for 3 hours with yawning people and the room was just getting warmer. But I made it...

And 2? well you'll have to go read
Dr. Flab.


Jadielady said...

Oh hello Mr. Fireman!!
My word is sessess as in that fireman is full of sessess!!!

Nobamagirl said...

Hey...yeah...It would be fun to fire that one up...eh?

Kelly said...

where are my matches and gasoline?? oh, wait, is in my district?