Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, March 28, 2009

WV Country Girl

Actually her name is Stephanie, I just like to associate people with cartoon characters. Stephanie's married and has a few hope's and aspirations in her life:

  1. She's wants her own home
  2. She wants to have a child in about 5 years
  3. OMG - I can't remember what this one was. I'll get back to ya.
  4. She wants to record a country music album
  5. If she dies, she wants to go to heaven

    Stephanie is the niece of a friend of mine. She's in town from the fine state of West Virginia for a few days. We took her to lunch and drove around a bit. She's a shy young lady. The type that speaks when she's only got something of value to say. WHATEVER! So I had to try to draw her out of her shell a bit if I was going to be a part of this. I was asking her all sorts of questions. This one question, "Tell me 5 of your hopes and aspirations" was the one that lasted the entire time we were together. The last one took the longest, but would make her grandmother proud.

Hopes and aspirations are not something I tend to focus on personally. But since I asked her this question, I figure I should create my own list:
  1. I hope and aspire to be a better friend to my friends and relative to my family members.
  2. I hope to have biological children of my own. I can't say I aspire to that goal, because I just don't see that happening.
  3. I aspire to live a healthier lifestyle.
  4. I aspire to be financial responsible and hope that I am making the right decisions.
  5. As a non-denominational Christian I hope to put off my entry into heaven for as long as possible. And since I am the Supreme Commander of The Universe I aspire to one of the larger more prominent cloud mansions overlooking my, ummm our, glorious neighborhood when that time comes.
What are your hopes and aspirations?


JJ said...

1. To lose 75-100 pounds.
2. To finish my Master's degree
3. To have 2 more children
4. To live in an uncluttered house (ha)
5. To live my life in a Christ-like way, so that other people are inspired to live that way as well. And if we get around to talking about it, fine. If not, my actions will speak as loud as I can.

Ohh, I am going to put this in my blog.

pledesch - to get down on your hands and knees and grovel with flair.

Jadielady said...

1. To continue my weight loss (and other healthy goals).
2. To open an online shop for yarn that I've dyed
3. To open a brick & mortar yarn shop with not only my own yarns but others as well.
4. To continue living a debt-free lifestyle. If I want something I save up for it!
5. To conquer this pile of laundry.