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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fabulous (C.O.) and Amaaaaazing!!

The TV show Friends was a really funny show. Why did it take be 5 years into it's run to realize that? Cheers was awesome year one. But it took me until the year 3 to realize how funny it was. And Seinfeld. There's an Irish Christian Brother out there somewhere in this brave world that knows it took me until the FINAL season to realize how hilarious that show was. Why am I always behind the times. It's possible I like to sit back and see if something takes. But how much time and proof does a person need? I tend to be old-school:

Meet Mr. Vegetable Steamer
Okay, maybe not that old school, so instead, meet

When did these come into existence? Man, I love these things. They are so much easier. Birdseye is a more expensive brand that I avoid. There are cheaper generic wonders that do the same thing. Quick and easy and so totally Bachelor-ific!!! Please tell me I'm on the upward swing of this new trend. They're fabulous and amaaaazing. OW! damn-it, I keep steam burning myself though. Someone needs to make protective gloves that keep ya from burning yourself.


Breenlantern said...

We became fans of Friends after it was canceled and we caught it in reruns...so much so we bought the whole series. We quote it ALL the time now!

Jadielady said...

No worries, we hadn't seen the streamers thingies until Mikey made the corn one.
So delish!

exisess. if someone is no longer employed in ice delivery. i dunno, my brain is frozen.

indigo-orion said...

I love the steamer thingies. They are worth it. The whole meals are great for a bachelor wo/man because that means you are eating vegetable that are not FRIED. Who needs the arches when you have these?

I really have to be in a mood to watch those shows. Most of the time, I just watch the food network.

liting- drunk people leaving a bar.

Michael said...

I just didn't get Seinfeld the first few years...it took me a while to come around.

(Love how you dropped fabulous into your title!)

Nobamagirl said...

I think I started seeing these last summer. My favorite is Brussel Sprouts. Jerry loves the broccoli with cheese.