Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Baby Daffodils, and by that I mean the dwarf variety are one of my favorites. So, last year when I got an opportunity to get a boatload for free I grabbed them. Well they didn't like the process of being uprooted and replanted last year and just went to sleep for the season. I figured they would be stressed, that is why I planted them in a nursery. I was all excited this year. Waiting for their little green arms to reach through the ground like they are yawning. The past two weeks they have done just that. Unfortunately, I think that I'll only be getting arms and no dills. When it comes to plants, I can be extremely patient. *One more year little ones and I'm sure you'll mature into the glorious daffs that I know you are.* Funny, I think I feel a bit like my daffodils, a bit puny.


Jadielady said...

Oh dear, don't let D know you have those. She picks them from the side of the road.

I think that says wortiken? its all squiched up.
that's what happens when a kitten is too tired from guarding the house.

Nancy said...

Awe, so purdy! The baby daffs are so delicate ... too bad I don't have a green thumb. My silk's even bit the dust![pun intended] ;)

indigo-orion said...


Make sure they get their sunlight and they will bloom next year. I have some fertilizer for them so they will bloom magnificently next year. We'll have them grow and get lots of nutrients this year and get them rolling for next year.

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