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Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keyop, Jinpei: G-Force

In other words... WHAT?

If you like Anime or are old enough to appreciate 1970's cartoons from having watched them, you will recognize the picture as G-Force. In the picture, I'm referencing the runt of the litter called Keyop or Jinpei. All of which had bird-theme characters and his was the, swallow. Get your minds out of the gutter. I'm focusing on him because when he talked you couldn't understand him. You would sit there and think "what did he say". This post is a bit about that and something like "What the hell?"

  • Dude behind me at work, seriously WHAT? Speak up when your talking to me. You yell the rest of the day, don't just get quiet when your talking to me.
  • Islamic CEO of a broadcasting network in NY State. It was your mission when you opened the station to proactively educate people on the positive power of Islam. You recently killed your estranged wife by beheading her... WHAT? And now you want the station to go on and continue to convey your non-violent propaganda. WHAT? *shaking head*
  • Grub-Kitty cashier chic with your mouth full of bubble-gum. Stop saying WHAT(?) to the customers. Stop smacking that huge wad and Listen up! Do your damn job already.
  • Octo-Mom, damn girl - What the fuck?!
  • Obama... WHAT are you doing man!?
  • Jimmy Fallon - WHAT on earth was I thinking staying up late to watch your show.
  • This one is all Kelly's fault. He asked for snow. Well we got it. And it damaged my gutters which I now have to shell out money for. WHAT the hell dude!
  • To my College Alumni Association - WHAT? I haven't gone to any of my High School reunions, what makes you think I'm going to yours? Oh, and by the way, I'll need to make more money in order to give you any.
  • WHAT is with the squirrels digging into my daffodil gardens. You're supposed to hate daffodils and stay away from them. Git!
  • Cutie blond police officer - WHAT will it take to get you over to my house?
  • What Solomonster? You need to go out. Okay come on. You're all that really matters anyhow.


JOEY said...

Keep working on that police officer.
Enjoy the snow.

indigo-orion said...

That has to be MH.... ha ha.

Yes, Solly is the only one that matters.

My guess is, perhaps a B&E to get him to your house? *shrug*

hutho- the one girl that will sleep with everyone on the trek up everest.

Michael said...

From experience, if you run a yellow light, you just may get pulled over. Although it never seems to work when you want it to.

Good luck!