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Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VA State Police - Again

Do the VA State Police have to memorize the Trooper's Pledge? Well if they do, they forget much of it. Two State Troopers (traveling pairs again on 64 East/Why always East?) were pacing traffic this afternoon at a comfortable clip of 65 mph in the 55mph zone. So I'm not complaining about their disregard for the speed limit. But I am a tad pissed that they don't use their signals.
  • Trooper-whoever in the car with license plate number 5082. You headed north on 95 from 64 East. You might consider providing more advanced notice than the nanosecond ghetto-blink of your directional signal. I'm glad I wasn't in the lane you suddenly decided to merge into.
    • Buddy Trooper (License plate number 4972) that head south on 95. You are a complete ass, not even giving some old guy in a clunker (not me, I'm not that old) even the courtesy of the ghetto-blink.

Yes, I have a good memory, but I also text while driving. But I use my god-damned directional signal! And so should you. okay I'm done whining. But then again, I'm still a bit bitter about your response time from when I was shot at on I-64.

Today was a good day. I fit into a green sweater that I had not worn in years. And by "fit", I mean I stretched that sucker to hell and back last night and a bit more this morning so it would fit. I wanted to wear that because it was chilly out and it was the shade of green that fancied my mood.

No Stephanie, there is no Irish Code about what constitutes as Green clothing appropriate to wear on St. Patrick's Day. Your green jacket was fine. I'm sorry I made you feel joked into going home at lunch to get a green shirt. *if your wondering - For Real!*

Green - oh yeah! Where the heck is my money going? GAS BILLS, that's where. Most abundant resource there is, MY ASS. *okay so I had one more whine*


Kelly said...

our gas bill has been HUGE this year too...ughhh...

Michael said...

Don't get me started on police...or gas bills! LOL

Anonymous said...

Our last electric bill was almost $400.00. I thought Jerry was going to have a coronary.


Also, mental note to self...

add Green sweater to Christmas Gift List this year.