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Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Stress - What Stress? I feel fine.

Something must be getting under my skin. I'm not sure what. All my life I was an avid nail-biter, a true professional. About a year and a 1/2 ago I started taking Lexapro to calm the voices in my head that said "Smack her, smack her hard!" I described the physical and mental nonsense to my doctor. My back was tense, crawling with tension. I wasn't sleeping well. I couldn't focus worth a damn. Everything and everybody was driving me nuts. So my handsome doctor said it was time to give Lexapro a try. Meet Lexapro:

When I first started taking this wonderful little friend, I was so dog-gone sleepy for about 2-3 days. Try taking that while at work - zzzzzzzz. Well the first symption was sleep. But the next symptom was this odd feeling of a line being drawn down the center of my brain, separating the two halves. Like the drug was telling the two halves to stop fighting with each other. Then I noticed that I could focus so much easier. Then, chatterbox behind me was not so worrisome. I could block her incessant rantings all day long and get my work done. Then I was sleeping better. Then all was well in my universe and I was on autopilot most of the time. One of the best side effects was that I noticed I had stopped biting my nails after about 3 months with my friend. But it wasn't cheap, even with a solid health plan. It wasn't until a generic came out in August 2008 that I could purchase my new friend, Citalopram, meet Citalopram:

A smooth transition, with only a couple days of drowsiness, then back on the easy-button. And until recently I have been fine and dandy. And a whole lot cheaper, being a generic brand. But I have noticed lately that I have been pissier than normal and anger is not one of my better controlled emotions. I'm not hulking out, just having control putting it in check. Several posts back I wrote about some trouble with friends. It's an irritant that won't go away in my mind. I really like the new guy at work - he's funny and not stress inducing, unless he talks all day. And that one thought is what brought the origins of needing Lexapro back in focus. I'm stressing about something but not entirely sure what. So this weekend I decided to up my dosage (Dr. said I could) of the Citalopram for a short while, just to get over the edge. Well the wet and soggy weekend was my opportunity to do that and accomodate any grogginess. Oh sweet sleep, hello my 'other' friend.

aaaaaaaaahhhhh. I really suggest this medication for those of you that may be under similar stressors. And unlike other mood enhancers, it does NOT mess with your horny. ka-ching!


Jadielady said...

What about sneaking it into other people's food, so that their constant complaining doesn't make me grumpy. Is that acceptable?

aporogol... the generic generic form of lexapro (google m&m's for image)

Tom said...

Lexapro made all my stresses go away when I went on it about 5 years ago. Unfortunately it took away my labido too...

I find Effexor much better. I think everyone reacts to these meds in a different way...


"ouppers": a new medication that picks you up and takes you out of the closet at the same time

JOEY said...

I almost peed my pants from laughing when you talked about "the voices"